Cassettes and pencils!

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With all the travelling we are doing these days, (including our upcoming travels through Vietnam, Qatar and India) I am reminded of some sage advice I was given when I first went to work in Africa.
“Travel with cassettes.”

Bringing your own music, these days in an MP3 player or portable CD player, is a great way to block out the screeching noise of the worst part of foreign cities you have struggled through before, smooth the ride on trying bus or jeep journeys, or pass the time during long transit periods.

On the other hand, there is nothing more isolating than a pair of headphones.

Instead, when abroad, and in more remote regions, try traveling with one or two classic cassette mix-tapes. When you tire of the cab’s selection of “the coolest American music,” or a jeep driver’s library of Mongolian throat singing tapes, offer the driver one of your own.

It may just be worthwhile digging out some of that old technology. You’re not the only one who may be interested in hearing something new. (Nowadays, of course, you’ll discover that many drivers use USB drives too don’t forget!)

How about mix the two ages of technology:a natty iPod case in the design of a cassette?!

Here is another, really clever, design idea based on those nifty little music boxes: Swingin’ cassette-tape style a great bag design.

Even better, how about introducing your children to the old lo-fi technology by using this page at to design your own virtual cassettes.

Now here is a thought that will make one or two of us feel really old:

Cassette tape and pencil. Our children will never know the link between the two.

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