2012, after dinner session, Strand Palace Hotel

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At the Strand Palace Hotel, an evening with 250 Danes that made up 2012.

We have been involved with many different aspects of the Danish education system over the past year, including multiple trips to Denmark. You would think they’d be fed up with us by now!

It’s the eleventh time, that is in London during the BETT week. is run by University College Lillebaelt’s Educational Resource Centre (Center for Undervisningsmidler).

The group is spread out all over London at all other times. There are visits to the University of Westminster, Kings College and several primary and secondary schools – and of course the BETT Show at Olympia. You can read more here…in Danish!.

Thank you to Simon Hempel-Jørgensen, Master of Education Educational Consultant, at the Educational Resource Centre, University College Lillebaelt, for organising our evening.

The group is made up of professionals from the Ministry of Education, university colleges, local school authorities, as well as a number of publishers and teachers at all levels of children’s education. This is a group of people that all work with the implementation of ICT in education, and a group that can make a change in Denmark.

There are several reasons for Danes to come to London for the BETT week.

In the words of Simon Hempel-Jørgensen: “Firstly we must accept, that the English-speaking world has a technological advantage over the rest of the world. There is a wider choice of technologies, and they have them earlier than in Denmark. Secondly going abroad gives us an opportunity to reflect upon our own professional practice”.

Alongside the events, visitors put together their own program itinerary, typically arriving in London on the Wednesday morning and taking in the BETT exhibition. This evening most people met up at the hotel to network.

Thursday, team organise visits to local education sites.

Simon says: “When we visit English institutions, we can clearly see differences between your way of doing things and our way. Sometimes we are impressed by you. And sometimes we are not. Travelling together as a group, and meeting up at nights like this lets, us get to know each other well, and enhance our Personal Learning Network (PLN) – as it has come to be known.

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  1. Catherine says:

    What a very forward thinking nation – interesting to read about other countries thinking and their approach to ICT. Looking at the pictures reminds me of how inspired I was (and remain!) when you visited our school last year. Our head is at BETTs this week – I’ve told him to seek you out as you will undoubtedly be a highlight!

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