Independent Jewish Day School, Hendon, London ~ Day 1

| January 16, 2012 | 1 Comment 

Great fun to spend a day with the staff from the Independent Jewish Day School Academy, Hendon, London.

The school does some remarkable things to provide an atmosphere of enthusiastic, skilful and thoughtful learning. Their educational philosophy is to ensure that “every child is encouraged to achieve excellence in all his or her studies and activities. For this purpose, excellence means as close as possible to 100% of each child’s potential in each endeavour”.

So it was superb to spend some time with imaginative staff, and explore the world of words. “Picking up words and juggling them” is a joyous activity.

With some of the colleagues today, we discussed the links between many aspects of language, and other elements of the arts.

Quite often the comment is made that “If you are good at music, you should also love maths and language. Maths is not my strong subject (“I took two maths O’Levels and failed three! Boom boom) but languages have always fascinated me.

A lot of people also think music is difficult to read–but it’s not. It’s actually the simplest written language there is. And once you get the basics down, the rewards will last a lifetime. The same could be said of the kind of challenges children face when they first encounter words.

(On they have a concise set of steps to enable you to learn to read music. There is also some ideas on how to master the strange art of tuning a guitar!)

At the end of the day we were joined by other members of staff to investigate even more visual tools.

Thank you to Holli Shirley, and Amanda Lando, Head Teacher, for organising our visit today. We look forward to the chance of working alongside the staff and children tomorrow. Taking off and flying.

Well done all!

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  1. DebsK says:

    ICT can be difficult for the over 45’s like myself,remember we didn’t have computers back in the day! Tim and Sarah came to our school today and it was inspirational, fun and educational too. Tonight I have tried out psykopaint and taggalaxy with beautiful results of the Kotel for all the Kodesh team to try. As we have cross curricular teaching I believe that many of the ideas we saw today could be used for Jewish history and festivals as well as literacy, numeracy et al.
    Many thanks to Tim and Sarah for a great day…. wouldn’t have MYST it for the world. Hope our pupils don’t get over excited tomorrow with you guys!

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