The Dell Primary School, Chepstow, Wales – Day 1

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Today at The Dell Primary School, Chepstow, Wales, we had the priviledge of spending time with the Year 6, 4 and 2 classes in their hall, with colleagues from the six schools in the cluster in attendance, who were prepared to join in with the challenges and fun. There were 60 pupils in each session and more than 30 adults!


Pssst! Can I be honest with you here? It is the teaching days we love the most.

The chance to explore, experiment, expand and escape, into wandering into the world of words…
…is the best bit.

When we’re travelling (or rather, standing still) in the virtual worlds we always hope that it looks like we’re making it up, & that there have been unexpected turns, not only in the way we travel, but also in the route that the lesson itself goes.

In reality, you couldn’t do lesson sessions, like the ones we did today, without knowing EXACTLY what you want to achieve. The aim is to make it look, and feel, and genuinely BE a shared learning journey. Instead of showing that you knew you were going to ask the children to do, it can be a simple, yet incredibly effective step, to pretend you have just made the challenge up yourself.

Instead of letting on that you have a learning objective, already in the appropriate box (and written in bold, so that the inspector doesn’t miss it on your planning!) it can be an effective spur to action, can’t it, if we “suddenly make the idea up, on the spur of the moment” ;-D

And, it is not about the technology.
You could do what we did this morning about a big book, an artefact, or even a blank piece of paper.

We finished the school day with the staff “unpacking” the teaching and learning points from the day.

Tomorrow is a  joint training day for all staff, approximately 100 adults, from the 6 schools in the cluster on the innovative, inspirational use of ICT to support pupils linguistic development and story writing.

A big thank you to David Evans, Headteacher, and Mark Davies, ICT Coordinator @ The Dell, for organising our visit.

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