The Qatar Academy, Doha, Qatar – Day 3

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Our third day at the Qatar Academy, another rewarding day spent with dymanic teachers and learners.

During today we also had the opportunity to spend time with the TIFs – Technology Intergration Facilitors. This team work alongside classroom teachers, sharing in initial planning sessions with the teachers, then, team teaching, supporting skill development and approaches, when utilising technology. They are a very special bunch, Steven Shepherd, Stacey Simpson and Scott Johnson and a delight to spent time with. Also joining us during this session was Craig Paterson, always a valuble addition.

  Joining us were classes from Year 3 with their teachers, explored a ‘Village’ setting in Myst 4: Revelation. We met a ‘hundren year old gardener’, we walked, talked, shared ideas and celebrated each others.
A quick turn around and the Year 4 pupils joined us, excited and ready for challenges. The children in this group wondered, explored and enthused about this strange landscape, talking and writing with passion and flare – WELL DONE.
One of the other sessions during today’s timetable was spent picking apart the Year 2 lessons with the Year 2 teachers and others. It is useful to reflect upon the features, processes, approaches used during the lessons, not the technology but the learning.



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