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Using Myst IV Revelation at Brockenhurst Primary School

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After our visit to Brockenhurst Primary School, at the beginning of the year, we are grateful to Polly Ashness, Year Four teacher, for sending us her thoughts on the impact that just one element, Myst, has had in her class. Thank you, and well done, Polly and her fellow adventurers.

This year, Year 4 have taken on the challenge of Myst IV. Travelling through the different ages together; one person controlling where we go, the other reading from a walkthrough, we have spent 6 weeks breathing, eating and sleeping Myst. The children have come across incredible graphics, scenery and storylines, all of which have been used as tools for writing. They have experienced different genres, fiction and non-fiction writing, weather reports, character analysis, instructions, poetry, team work and even problem solving, number and shape issues in maths, to name but a few.

There has been a marked improvement in the quality and enjoyment of writing; the children see a purpose to what they do. Continue Reading