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Yaca Paca!

| February 8, 2012 | 0 Comments 

Yacapaca is a free online assessment platform which helps teachers assess students through multiple choice, short-text tests, eportfolios and other popular methods. It includes automarking and analysis tools, and has a complete suite of authoring tools. Watch the brief animated demonstration to find out more

Yacapaca  offers full support (free) to write your own material (free) and caters for a wide range of requirements, such as end-of-topic tests, revision material, formal assessment, data gathering for subsequent classroom discussion, fun quizzes, and surveys

Five different question types are  supported. With the survey template, why not put your school questionnaires online? Image and sound file handling means you can cater for different learning styles and students with special educational needs.

Automatic marking, grading and levelling could enable you to discover, and show areas of progression, and with the statistical tools you can spot your students strengths and weaknesses. Give Yacapaca a go and let us know.