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| February 23, 2012 | 2 Comments 

Easy Prompter is a FREE, full-featured, and easy to use teleprompter, for online and offline use!

Like Cue Prompter.com Easy Prompter is powerful because you can adjust font size, vary the speed, check the time that has elapsed, control and operate the prompter through keyboard and mouse controls (start/pause, ff/rew, etc) and run it in full screen, for clutter free guidance through your chosen text.

The “portable” version of Easy Prompter means you can use the prompter without an active internet connection.Put your text, and the prompter, on to a USB drive and you’ll always have a cue card wherever you are.

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  1. John McLear says:

    Hey mate I made a super light weight autocue for schools. It’s no where near as full featured as easy prompter but it’s open source and anyone can edit it/add to it/download it etc.

  2. Tim says:

    Brilliant, John.

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