ASB Unplugged, Mumbai, India – Creativity Workshop

| February 24, 2012 | 18 Comments 

Back at the ASB Un Plugged event organised by The American School in Mumbai, and the chance to explore with about fifty teachers from schools around the world, in a creativity workshop entitled Motivating and inspiring even the most reluctant learners.

‘I stepped out into a landscape of almost unbearable beauty, a feathered sky stretching out across the silken sea, warm sand beneath my feet.

Turning, I saw steps, foot worn and timeless, winding downwards. Where would they lead me?’

Today we presented inspiring, accessible tools and ideas, for raising the level of writing, speaking and listening, and creativity in children of all ages. An exploration of virtual worlds, Web2.0 and visual literacy elements, and how they have had a huge impact on raising childrenโ€™s confidence and collaboration, across the creative curriculum. Using, and creating, relevant, engaging resources, to motivate, and enthuse, children of all ages and abilities. Attendees, we hope, leaving with many practical ideas to apply back in the classroom.

What a joyous bunch! Lots of laughter and interaction, right from the start. As we gave them almost too much to take in, they did incredibly well to keep up, and fly! Well done all.

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  1. Martin Lyon says:

    Awesome session! I don’t know where to start…

  2. Fiona says:

    Thank you for your energy and commitment to sharing tools for children to deepen learning. I will definitely recommend this workshop and return again.

  3. Toby Aickin says:

    I didn’t know what I was looking for in coming here, but I definitely found it. I loved the playful introductions to different web apps, sites, etc. which left me wanting to go home immediately and try them out with my nine year old.

    But more importantly, I was enthralled by the way Tim brought storytelling and writing into the heart of the presentation. As an English teacher I’ve been shown so many concrete, creative and meaningful ways to combine tech and literacy in the classroom today. Moreover, I’ve been reminded that the heart of my discipline is storytelling.

    And how the hell have I not used a “translator” in my class before?

  4. Helen Douglas says:

    Thanks for a fantastic session. So many, so much! Off to think about where to start and grow from. Walk away message to me …regardless of tech ….use the images and imagine! Thanks Tim and Sarah

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you Martin
    We hope that this glimpse has not left you too overwhelmed.
    We’d love to show you more. ๐Ÿ˜€
    ALl the best
    Tim and Sarah

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you Fiona
    We too would love to meet you again
    Keep in touch
    All the best for now
    Tim and Sarah

  7. Tim says:

    Finding without searching is rewarding isn’t it?
    We are so glad you found some useful things in this fast paced glimpse.
    Keep in touch and let’s find more eh?
    Have fun
    “It’s a true story. How do I know? … I made it up myself”.

  8. Tim says:

    Thank you Helen
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on with your imaginings
    All the best for now
    Tim and Sarah

  9. Michael K. Sheridan says:

    Made my conference! I’m going to have my kids explore some of these over a period of time and see which ones they think resonate with them as they respond to literature.

  10. Rachel says:

    What a fantastic session. I rarely feel like I can walk away with tech tools that will enhance student learning in elementary music as so often I am wary of using tech at the expense of actual music creating and performing just for the sake of using tech. I am excited to go back and start playing with some of the new ideas learned today. Thanks also for being so engaging, real, and honest.

  11. Michael K. Sheridan says:

    I know you can’t make the type on pps on a Mac but can you use one made on a PC on a Mac? I wonder?

  12. Tim says:

    Good question Michael but… unfortunately… no.
    They don’t work
    If you have a PC side to your MAc (e.g. Parallels, Bootcamp, Fusion etc) then they do
    A bit silly isn’t it and we’d love them to get it sorted
    Fingers crossed.

  13. Priya says:

    Dear Tim,
    I had the time of my life attending your conference! The best part ofyour session was the fact that you had everybody’s attention. iloved all the sites you shared with us but what i loved the most was you having us participate in your sessions. That is what we lack in our classsrooms ” students participation”. Thank you once again! Will definately keep in touch and I hope we are able to bring you to our school American International School of Chennai for PD.
    God Bless

  14. Tim says:

    Dear Priya
    It was a total delight meeting YOU
    Thank you so much for your very kind feedback.
    We too hope that we can get to meet you again and work alongside you in Chennai
    Let’s make it happen
    All the best for now
    Tim and Sarah

  15. Priyanka DCosta says:

    Dear Tim and Sarah,
    I was inspired…. so much to learn and so much to share!!Thank you. My 4-5 year old children make books (write stories,information books, create our illustrations etc)the whole year long and i have different entry points to guide them on how to make good composition-ally strong books.One of them is to read their books like authors and how authors use beautiful language to convey their thoughts and feeling…i am going to use your idea of using different images/ landscapes etc to creatively inspire language…even in preschoolers! Kind off like old “Picture talk” with a twist and in new skin using technology! When you two revisit Mumbai (definately think you are!)I will share my reflections.

  16. Tim says:

    Dear Priyanka
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback
    We do hope that we can come and back and do things in more detail at ASB and we would love to hear more about what you are doing
    Keep in touch
    All the best for now
    Tim and Sarah

  17. Yidnekatchew Hailu says:

    I loved the conference. Tim you are one of the most inspiring educators I have come across in my 23 years of educating kids.
    I am about to share some of my thoughts on your presentation. I cannot access the locked page, please ease tell me what I have to do to access it. I really would love to make a good impression on the staff that they would all decide to change their way and teach kids in a way that will prepare them for the 21st century.

  18. Sarah says:

    Dear Yidnekatchew,
    Please forgive us for talking so long to reply to your lovely comment – Thank you!
    The Locked Page contains resources and information for the schools we spend time with; the link we gave during the presentation contains all the links we explored there. If you would like us to explore these with you further, please do get in touch again via our email
    We hope this helps
    Best Wishes
    Sarah and Tim

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