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Better World Flux

| March 2, 2012 | 0 Comments 

Better World Flux is a tool that could be used to track the progress of countries, and the world, over the years and find interesting trends & patterns, and then explore & navigate raw data for each country, in a time related …flux.

(Time circuits on. Flux Capacitor… fluxxing. -M.McFly, 1955)

A couple of ready made examples, which you can adapt and add different levels of data to (from the side panels on the right), include one on education across countries of the world. Or, take a slightly disconcerting look at the numbers of females completing an education. The Internet and mobile phones gives an interesting glimpse in to how the technology is, or isn’t, propagating out into different parts of the world.

You can combine data to see correlation, or otherwise, between different elements, such as Showing Years schooling (years), Primary completion female (%), Primary completion male (%), Literacy rate (%), School enrolment (% net) for China,Mali,Tonga,United Arab Emirates,World average.

If only to look at Happiness around the world, and consider its influences, and implications, this is a useful tool.