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Onboard The Titanic

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Here she is — standing tall in the bright sunlight, her great shadow threatening to make even the most confident Edwardian feel insignificant. But those gazing up at the billowing smokestacks nearly 10 stories overhead know they live in a time of immense achievement and innovation. The times demand confidence — a confidence so bold as to declare the largest man-made seagoing object unsinkable.

Discovery Education’s “Onboard The Titanic“, is an interactive opportunity to see how the fates of a select group of characters vary on that terrible night when the ship met its doom.

You can follow the path of an actual passenger who traveled on the Titanic. You won’t know who you are or if you survive …until the fateful night.

Images, text, sound effects, and authentic music, all add to the atmosphere. A voyage of the senses.

Braithwaite School are taking part in a huge project about the voyage of The Titanic. There is a even going to be a gala dinner, at the end of the month, with full jazz orchestra, where guests can enjoy a six course meal, whilst not knowing what lies ahead for them. (Well, they will return to their homes, safe and sound or course).

Using the source documents from The National Archives pupils can find out about the passengers on the Titanic.

View BBC Newsline’s exclusive footage of Titanic and learn about the science and history behind this extraordinary journey to the bottom of the Atlantic at The BBC Northern Ireland site.

Test your knowledge of the events of 15 April 1912, with the Teachers Direct Quiz Busters game on Titanic facts.

Braithwaite CE (VA) Primary School, Braithwaite, Keswick, Cumbria

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What a joy, to be be back in Cumbria. This visit, we have the honour to be spending two days at the gorgeous Braithwaite CE (VA) Primary School, Braithwaite, near Keswick. Continue Reading