Braithwaite CE (VA) Primary School, Braithwaite, Keswick, Cumbria

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What a joy, to be be back in Cumbria. This visit, we have the honour to be spending two days at the gorgeous Braithwaite CE (VA) Primary School, Braithwaite, near Keswick.

We had the pleasure of spending 5 days here in Cumbria twelve months ago, and were delighted to receive a further invitation., to head back and wander in the world of words… and beyond.

We are blessed to be travelling to some remarkable, far flung, corners of the globe these days. It is humbling though, and a refreshing eye opener, to discover sections of our home country that take your breath away.

So it has been as we have explored the area around Braithwaite school today.

To spend time in this remarkable part of the world, with its stunning natural scenery, makes wandering in virtual worlds seems a little surreal. Virtual environments are no replacement for getting out in to the analogue landscapes and scenery around our school settings. Some times those are concrete jungles. Some times they are luscious, verdant, wildernesses. Whichever, you cannot beat getting students out in to the “real” world, whether that is on a field trip, or just in to the local community.

However, it is remarkable how many skills, techniques, characteristics, and qualities that can be nurtured in these digital spaces, that can then be applied out in the “wild” wherever that may be. Speaking and listening skills. Sharing. Group work. Confidence in writing styles. Social etiquette. So much springs naturally from explorations of the, slightly more controlled, virtual, that can then be applied out in the “vast unknown”.

The children from Braithwaite school are encompassed in some remarkable natural wonders. The surrounding mountains, hills, dales, rivers and lakes, are some of the most incredible landscapes on the planet.

It is some times only when we have visitors, and they marvel at “that beautiful tree”, that we can see it with fresh eyes, as if for the first time.

Not these staff and children. They seem beautifully, and respectfully, aware of the joyous scenery that wraps their school. They celebrate it, and in no way take it for granted. This is a great reflection on the outward looking ethos of the school. A school that enjoys its role in the community: they have weekly Wednesday school lunches in the village, and older residents enjoy a school meal, whilst helping out with fund raising.

Thank you to all today, children, staff and visiting colleagues from across Cumbria, for opening our eyes to some of your world, as we all explored some of “ours”.

Thanks go to John Nixon, Advisor – ICT at Cumbria County Council, for his vision and enthusiasm regarding children’s learning and the value of inspired teaching.

The reason for inviting Tim to return was due to impact he had had on teachers who had attended his last visit. Braithwaite Primary had one member of staff who has utilised many things from the first course in their day to day teaching to enhance pupil enjoyment and learning and was keen to share them with their colleagues both in school and across the county. Karen, the poorly sick Acting Head, even rose from her sick bed to attend this exciting day, joining 20 staff from other schools and forty plus pupils for the first session of the day to explore a virtual world of mystery.

Jo Laker Head Teacher of the School and Part Time Assosciate General Advisor for the LA said:

Following one teacher attending a day with Tim last year, and coming back buzzing with ideas, we were keen to host an event here, so our pupils and staff could benefit from Tim’s inspiring teaching and ideas.

And, what fun we’ve had!

Well done to all, today, for your enthusiasm and sparkle!

Our visit is really being enhanced by the chance to stay at Middle Ruddings Country Inn and Restaurant. If you fancy a real ale, a real welcome, and real meal, and you’re in the Keswick region, this is the real place to visit. Gorgeous.

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  1. Steve Breeze says:

    Wow! Too much to think, try and do.

  2. Sara Royle says:

    What an awe inspiring couple of days. I will find it really difficult to decide which one or two ideas to try out first. A huge thanks Tim and Sarah.

  3. Stuart Robertson says:

    First of all a great big thanks to Tim and Sarah for a fantastic couple of days, I have taken away so many thoughts and ideas from what I have seen to help inspire more creative writing. I’m looking forward to getting back into the classroom and trying some of these out. I hope I get the opportunity to attend anothe course held by yourselves in the future.

  4. Joanne Hills says:

    What a treat to see such a talented educator as Tim have a hall-full of children completely captivated and motivated for well over 2 hours. It was so much more than an ICT course; more a reminder of our duties as professionals to make sure we create those opportunities that enable children to glow and shine. A thoroughly inspirational two days! (Off to send my first tweet now…) Thanks Tim and Sarah.

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