Ysgol Treganna a Than yr Eos, Cardiff – Day 1

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A great day at Ysgol Treganna a Than yr Eos, Canton, Cardiff. It is really good to be back spending a couple of days in Wales, and at a gorgeous Welsh Language School.

This welsh medium county primary school was established in 1987 in the present buildings with only one classroom. Today, every pupil in the school is a resident of Canton. The old Victorian building has been completely refurbished. Every classroom is situated on the ground floor and the school boasts a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Every subject is taught through the medium of Welsh in the Infant Department. Both English and Welsh are accorded equal status as mediums of education in the Junior Department

One of the primary considerations of the school is to provide pupils with a variety of experiences across the curriculum in an atmosphere which fostersthe confidence and fluency of all pupils in both languages through enjoyment and pleasure. In addition to regular field trips and extra curricular activities, a great deal of use is made of role-play and drama situations.

The Welsh language is the natural medium of communication in all aspects of school life. Welsh is the language of the classroom and yard, and every effort is made to encourage and enrich the students awareness of all things Welsh.

Members of the Junior department attend residential courses at centres, the school takes part in Eisteddfodau and other such cultural activities that prepare and enable pupils to use their language in an appropriate context. The aim is to help children develop in to confident, bilingual citizens.

We are very grateful to Rhys Harries, headmaster of the school, for organising our visit.

All day, we have looked at how to use, and make, resources that work in ANY language. There are some valuable resources in Welsh, but perhaps not as many as are developed in English.

We looked at some remarkable, free, tools which can enhance language work, whether it is in Welsh, English, Latvian, French or any other language.

Wordle, can be a really effective way of bringing focus on choice of vocabulary. The more frequently a word is used, the larger it becomes. This can be powerful in creating posters. It can also help us look at texts in different ways. For example, paste in an instruction text, such as a recipe, and the imperatives, or “bossy verbs” are (or can be made) larger. In Welsh or English it also draws attention to the fact that these powerful verbs are at the beginning of the sentence, as, out of context, we notice that they are mostly capitalized.

Wordle can be intriguing tools in other ways. Take a look back at our Wordles of Character posts (one and two) to see another way to bring empathetic writing alive, and transform it in to a really engaging piece of artwork too.

In some ways, you could consider Tagxedo to be Wordle’s big brother.

Tagxedo takes the next step, allowing you to put your collection of carefully chosen words in to a living, moving, animated, and appropriate shape.

Try the link, on the image to the left. Hover over any word and it springs into action. Click on that word, and it takes you, in this case, to a Google search related to that piece of vocabulary. (You need the Silverlight plugin).

Powerful, in any language.

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  1. Ryan Chappell says:

    A truly inspirational day jam packed with ideas which I know will engage all of my year six pupils, allowing them to create excellent written masterpieces.

  2. Aled Jones says:

    Wow! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY! This has been the first ever inset that I have truly not looked at my watch wondering how long before the next break. The first time I noticed the time was when Tim said it’s time to go home. Can’t wait till tomorrow! Thanks Tim and Sarah.

  3. Rhys says:

    Tim a Sara , Diolch o galon . Diwrnod ardderchog , llawn sbri , syniadau newydd ac ysbrydolaeth.

    Many thanks . An excellent day , full of fun, new ideas and some inspirational stuff

  4. Sara says:

    Tim & Sarah, Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi’ch dau am gynnal hyfforddiant ybrydoledig! Wir yr, am waith arbennig mae’r ddau ohonoch yn gwneud. Braf iawn oedd cael cwrdd y ddau ohonoch. Rwy’n edrych ymlaen at arbrofi gyda MYST!
    Thank you so much for a truly inspiring couple of training days, your work is excellent! I couldn’t recommend you enough. It was lovely to meet you both and I’m looking forward to experimenting with MYST.
    P.S. Sarah, thanks for enlightening me with your tips regarding Powerpoint!

  5. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Sara. Really appreciate your feedback and the use of you classroom for the passed two days. Thank you!

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