Clarendon Junior School, Tidworth, Wiltshire – Day 1

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Today we went exploring with the children, and staff, at Clarendon Junior School, Tidworth in Wiltshire. A huge THANK YOU to Karen Ward, Head Teacher, and Toni Hayzen, ICT Coordinator and Year 4 teacher, for inviting us to come and spend two days in their school.

The school is located very close Tidworth Barrackson the Salisbury Plain. A lot of children travel as their families are posted to different regions. This means they pass through many areas, landscapes, and experiences during their childhood.At the start of the day we travelled, with three classes of Year 3, and their “big people”, through a land that went beyond the virtual and became so real we could see it, hear it, but also smell it, touch it, feel it, and build some powerful language within it. The mysterious, yet peaceful, village we found ourselves standing in, inspired some lovely extended writing, speaking and listening, role play, and inventiveness.
After a brief pause, we set off again, in a totally contrasting world, with a great gathering of Year 4 pupils and their teachers. In fact, we didn’t actually move, anywhere. Not even a single step. We did turn, slightly, but remained rooted to the spot for almost the whole session.That is the aim really: Not to move too much. Rather, to take time andIt is also a great reflection on the children and staff today. They didn’t NEED to move. They were more than able to use words, humour, imagination, and character to make us feel we had gone many miles.
The afternoon, and we had the pleasure of spending time with the Year 6 pupils and their “colleagues. What stylish word play followed. We looked at how to stretch an idea beyond the initial temptation to “stick” at he first word. To “twist” our thoughts, and “come up trumps“.When exploring this land, perched on the edge of time itself, we also considered how “time” is something we need to think about. Taking time, allowing each other time, not filling all of time, stretching time, enjoying different speeds of time.And, what an enjoyable time we had!

After school we had opportunity explore what happened in the lessons, picking them apart, discussing the analogue teaching techniques, as it were, before we go off and get digital tomorrow.

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