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Scribble Maps & Scribble Maps Pro

| March 19, 2012 | 0 Comments 

Scribble Maps is a free, and easy, way to add drawings, comments, markers, highlights, text, timelines and more, to maps. It takes very little time to master, and gives children the chance to annotate locations from across the globe.

ScribbleMaps pro, adds extra features but, unlike a lot of apps, where the “pro” badge means you pay for the upgrade, this version is also available for free. In pro, you can import files, such as KML files, that you have created in Google Maps and Google Earth, and draw, or add layers of images, on to your maps.

Useful for marking routes of school trips, ancient travel exploration journeys, and more.

Northwood Community Primary, Kirkby, Knowsley

| March 19, 2012 | 2 Comments 

A huge thank you to Nicola Ryan, literacy coordinator, at Northwood Community Primary School, Northwood, Kirkby, for inviting us to visit, and work alongside pupils and staff, from across the school. And, what a joyous fun we had! Analogue responses, today, to a digital stimulus.

We started with a delightful lesson with the children from Year 2. Laughter and learning make a great partnership. We explored a virtual landscape from Myst 3: Exile. A huge amount of language floated up through the room. Virtual worlds are a fantastic resource for modelling, and developing speaking and listening, which flows in to many different forms of writing. Continue Reading

Wandering through the World of Words in Wiltshire

| March 19, 2012 | 1 Comment 

Thank you to Toni Hayzen, of Clarendon Junior School, Wiltshire, for explaining her journey using games in her class.

Toni attended the SWGfL ICT Conference last July and was so impressed by Nicky Newbury’s workshop ‘Playing the Writing Game‘, she decided to explore the approach in her classroom.

Having been enthused about games based learning at the SWGfL ICT conference 2011, I rushed back to school to see what the Headteacher thought of it. Great news! Our Head had seen Tim’s work at her previous school and fully supported any decision to employ the strategies into our school! But where to start? Continue Reading