Lancashire 21st Century Learning Conference, Chorley

| March 20, 2012 | 14 Comments 

At Woodlands Conference Centre, Chorley, for the 21st Century Learning Conference – Being Inspired

The virtual world around us is constantly changing and all aspects of life cannot escape being affected by this. Developments in technology and the need for new and creative ways of thinking to adapt and embrace change requires us to explore different approaches and attitudes to our everyday lives. Education and learning is not immune from this. Or it shouldn’t be.

So how can we keep up with the pace of change? How can we offer young people an education that is preparing them for an ever-changing world? How do we adapt our teaching to engage young learners and give them an education that nurtures their skills and thinking abilities to fulfil their potential for living in the 21st Century and beyond?

This conference was about exploring new attitudes, pushing boundaries and maybe about becoming a little disruptive in new ways of thinking.

Thank you Nigel Kirkham for inviting us today.

Alongside the Conference there was the annual ICT exhibition and delegates were able to visit the exhibitor stands during extended break times and over the lunch period.

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  1. Mandy Knipe says:

    Fantastic day, really enjoyed the event!

  2. K. Hesketh says:

    An inspiring event with lots of new ideas to think about and try out in school! Thank you.

  3. Sara Martin says:

    What a fantastic day! My head is buzzing with ideas and I’ve got a long list of things to do when I’m back in school.

  4. Katie Riley says:

    Wow what a brilliant day at the 21st Century Conference! I feel even more inspired to get my own classroom and enthuse children with excellent ICT resources! Thank you so much Tim and Sarah! x

  5. Pam Corry says:

    Thanks for a really inspiring, witty and informative session yet again Tim. You just seem to get better!!! Loved particularly your keynote speech. Hope to see you again soon.

  6. A big, big thank you to Tim and Sarah. A truly inspirational day that will have opened many creative doors for the conference delegates who, I am certain, could have listened to Tim for 3 days. Top bloke!

  7. David Clarke says:

    Had a great day. Lots of things ( too many for now..might have to concentrate on one for now!) to do in the classroom, we could do with improving our boys writing so I’ll be trying to take some things on board. thanks again Tim and Sarah!

  8. Margaret Carr says:

    What superb sessions! Great ideas and lots of new programs to try out and they’re virtually all free! Could have stayed in Tim and Sarah’s workshop all day! Thanks to Mr. Walker as well! 🙂

  9. Irene Banarse says:

    Had a great day – head now bursting with ideas – Thanks Tim, Sarah and Mr Walker!

  10. Jim Maloney says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day! I have so many things I am now going to try with my class and share with staff. Thanks for the enthusiasm and ideas.


  11. Chris Ginty says:

    Great day. Some fantastic, practical ideas for the future.
    Does anyone remember the website where you were able to turn a picture into a planet? I’ve had a look through world2me but can’t locate it.

  12. Matt Collins says:

    Really wanted to come yesterday, but had to be at Uni to have my PGCE signed off. Sounds like it was an inspiring and thought provoking day.

    Hope you’ll be in the North West again in the near future.

  13. Antonella Trafford says:

    What a fantastic day. I returned to school feeling inspired but,I will take your advice and only try one thing at a time!

  14. Tim says:
    Scuse quicky

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