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A return, for us, to Sandy Park Conference Centre in Exeter, this time with the opportunity to spend time with pupils, as well as, teachers. A huge THANK You to the pupils and staff from Willowbrook School for being up for the challenge of getting here, getting involved and being gorgeous!

The title of today’s event was’Talk to support writing’. We were joined by teachers from over 40 schools from all over Devon, and from nearby local authorities. Some of the people attending came last time, and now returned, bringing others from their school with them, as they had “found it valuable”. We explored a big range of talk activities and how these can support writing.

Thank you to Joy Simpson, again, for inviting us and for coordinating such a valuable event which involved a great deal of careful planning – Well done!

Further thanks go to her colleague,  Rebecca Cosgrave, for supporting us on the day and ensuring everything ran smoothly – THANK You!

We are also grateful to Caroline Rolls and Georgia Bourne from Buckfastleigh Primary for their notes about what they found useful and ‘picked up’ from today’s event:

There are so many strategies to use in the classroom, for example ‘drip feeding’ vocabulary, sentence structure, similes as an integral part of classroom teaching  – expanding all areas of the curriculum through exploring language.

‘Pouncing’ on every possible learning opportunity as it arises, for example talking in ‘similes’, adverbial phrases.

Images and objects with sound effects that inspire children to talk then write could be dripped in at any time of the day eg during register. What can you hear, smell, see etc? Then ‘nick it back’, love this idea.

How as teachers we need to learn when to be silent and to allow the learning and the ideas to flow – using props (eg Mr Walker)

Responses and criticism always presented positively, all responses are acceptable but can also been improved.

Giving an alternative viewpoint to education as a whole, breaking down the stereotypes of good learning behaviour (eg having your hand up to share an idea can often lead to actually stifling the idea or the ideas of others).

No ceiling on where their learning can go, as the barriers of right and wrong ideas removed thus removing some of the social stereotypes within the classroom empowering children.

A vast range of resources, which can be accessed online which open up a massive range of possibilities.

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  1. Joy Simpson says:

    Tim, Sarah and everyone, it looks like you had a really good day. I was very disappointed not to be able to be there but hope that you all had a good time. The photos are great Sarah.

  2. Joanna Crathorne says:

    Great session today – my second Tim Rylands experience and not disappointed! A reminder of just how much is out there and re-enthused to use games with my class next term. Thank you for a great day.

  3. Teresa Warner says:

    Thank you for a truly inspiring day. I can’t wait to try out all of these ideas with my class and my colleagues!

  4. Alan Luxton says:

    A great day full of ideas and inspiration. Was very beneficial to see Tim working with pupils from both Key Stages, seeing how the games could be used practically. And the ICT fly-through after lunch gave me stacks of ideas to try out. Thanks.

  5. Rebecca Cosgrave says:

    The photos are amazing! Everyone has got such big smiles on their faces…smiles as wide as the moon…smiles as wide as the equator…smiles as warm as the sun!

  6. This was second time for me but still a great experience. My class has enjoyed using Myst III this term – cross curricular – not just for writing. It is wonderful how the techniques you spoke about can engage a class and really move their learning on. I was really glad that you mentioned blogs too, as my class have really taken to writing on our class blog and to Quad blogging as well. They love the international and appreciative audience! Thank you for re-inspiring me Tim with lots of fresh new ideas to try out in school.

  7. Gill Gilmartin says:

    I’d been looking foward to today after hearing about how inspired teachers had been after Tim’s last visit to Devon. The day didn’t disappoint! Loads of practical tips and ideas to take back to the classroom which will add another dimension to Talk for Writing approaches. Thanks Tim, Sarah and the children from Willowbank!

  8. Janine Cook says:

    Another inspiring day!! It was amazing to see your ideas explored with younger and older children and another overload of exciting ICT goodies to play around with. Lots and lots to share with staff at school. Well worth the trip from Barnstaple today. Many thanks Tim and Sarah

  9. Sandra Murchison says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for another excellent day! It’s great to have so many ideas and resources to play with – I’m already mulling over uses for a few of them. All in all, extremely useful and, as always, very entertaining!

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