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With Geonames you can explore places in the world and see if there is somewhere named after you.

There is a place in Russia, for example, called Tim.There are 325 called Sarah!

A different way to get a group in to exploring our planet.

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  1. Was glad when GeoNames popped up in my e-mail. Have decided to us it with my Year 1 class instead of Barnaby Bear. We type about 5 children’s names into the GeoNames website, see what comes up, choose a location form the results and then set this for homework.

    The childen research details on the place chosen and report back in the following weeks Show and Tell. We have created a blog to record the children’s findings and have linked this to a google map where we are plotting our finds.

    The children compare climate, language, lanscape, population amongst other things.

    A great website. Thanks for the link.

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