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Travian is a free online strategy game, which is based on medieval culture. Be Roman, Germanic, or Gaul and build cities, and their armies, in order to dominate the competition.

You could use this over an extensive period, with a gifted and talented group perhaps. Or, briefly, just explore the aspects that impact on the success of a village, gaining some understanding of what makes a settlement work.

This is something you would need to explore, but is another resource/game worth investigating when looking at historical, & geographical, progress and development.


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Artcyclopedia is an online database of art works that can be viewed, and investigated, online.

With over 9,000 artists, and 160,000 links to 2,900 art sites, this is a comprehensive resource.

Type in the artists name or browse by medium, subject, nationality,  or focus on specific subjects such as women Artists. Search by “movement” such as Pop Art, Magic Realism, Photorealism, & Pointillism

There are some interesting collections, such as Tiltshift versions of Van Gogh paintings.

Use the Actualizer to view art works at their real life size.

Better World Flux

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Better World Flux is a tool that could be used to track the progress of countries, and the world, over the years and find interesting trends & patterns, and then explore & navigate raw data for each country, in a time related …flux.

(Time circuits on. Flux Capacitor… fluxxing. -M.McFly, 1955)

A couple of ready made examples, which you can adapt and add different levels of data to (from the side panels on the right), include one on education across countries of the world. Or, take a slightly disconcerting look at the numbers of females completing an education. The Internet and mobile phones gives an interesting glimpse in to how the technology is, or isn’t, propagating out into different parts of the world.

You can combine data to see correlation, or otherwise, between different elements, such as Showing Years schooling (years), Primary completion female (%), Primary completion male (%), Literacy rate (%), School enrolment (% net) for China,Mali,Tonga,United Arab Emirates,World average.

If only to look at Happiness around the world, and consider its influences, and implications, this is a useful tool.

OneLook Dictionary Search

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OneLook® Dictionary Search a search engine for words and phrases: Have a word for which you’d like a definition or translation- it’ll take you to the web-based dictionaries that define or translate it. If you don’t know the right word to use, it’ll help you find it. “No word is too obscure”: More than 5 million words in more than 1000 online dictionaries are indexed by the OneLook search engine.

Define words: Type a word into the search box on the front page to retrieve a list of dictionary web sites that define that word. Be sure “Find definitions” is selected.
Find words: Type a pattern consisting of letters and the wildcards * and ? to retrieve a list of words matching your pattern. The asterisk (*) matches any number of letters or symbols. The question mark (?) matches exactly one letter or symbol. (Read these sections for more info on wildcards and the Reverse Dictionary.)
Translate words: Type a word into the search box and select “Find translations” to retrieve a list of dictionary web sites that have translations of that word into other languages.