British School in the Netherlands, “JSD”, The Hague

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A second day at The British School in the Netherlands, and now with children and colleagues at Junior School Diamanthorst, Mariehoeve, The Hague.

What a pleasure – to spend a day with inventive minds who are up for a challenge. Picking up words and juggling them is such a fun thing to do, whatever age we are. Well done to all the “big folk” for mucking in, modelling, scribing and chipping in with some great thoughts and ideas.

Thanks to Chris Pilling, Achievement and Progress Leader (Years 1, 2 and 3) for his thoughtful observations:

The hot air balloon on the roof (well the builders resurfacing with tarmac) did little to pull children out of their new world, created in Myst IV Revelation.

Once the children had entered this new, exciting and mysterious environment they thought, talked, discussed and wrote… What’s that over there? Who put that there? Why is that happening?

Where are we and where shall we go next? Simply: EXCELLENT stuff!

Well done to Karen, and her year 4 class, for taking the Tagxedo idea from yesterday and creating some superb rainforest artwork during the day today.

Thank you to Year 6 for sending some comments on their digital travels:

I thought it was really interesting, I liked the way you got us to use similes. We got a chance to be ourselves and have a good time in lessons but always making sure we were doing something. Charlotte D

The virtual village was exciting, a great thing to get us writing. Juliet M

I liked Mr Walker, he didn’t say much but brought a lot to the lesson. Joe M

We got a chance to ask a funny question or give a funny answer. Sarvesh S

It was fun imagining what could have happened in that village and working out its location. Alberto S

Mr. Rylands had a lot of humor and was great fun! It was really nice being taught like that and it’s the first time I’ve had so much fun while being taught! It was awesome!! Alice (Year 6 JSD)

Mr. Rylands was really funny and taught us lots of new things in his own special way. It was a really fun morning. I wish our lessons could be like that every day! Sophie (Year 6 JSD)

I really wish there had been more time because then we could have found out more about the village. Josh M

Mr Rylands taught us a lot whilst also making it very funny, the virtual game was very cool. He’d be a great comedian. Laura F

I liked the way Mr Rylands got us to use our imaginations to write a story about what we could see while using metaphors and similes. Esther A

Mr. Rylands was fantastic. He was magnificent with the kids and the way he used electronics to help us create stories in a more fun and more interactive way. Mr. Rylands is an awesome teacher. Lincoln (Year 6 JSD)

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  1. Karen berwick says:

    Excellent ideas and stimuli both for large and small ideas. Will definitely be browsing and using the ideas. In fact already started as was noticed!

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