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Thank you to Andy Cooper, Assistant Head at Brislington Enterprise College (BECAUSE) for inviting us back to the school to work with his students, and colleagues, for a day of exploring the digital and analogue mix of learning.

This is our second visit to BECAUSE. Our first day  was reflected upon by Chris Fryer here.

Our day today started with one group of sixty plus Y7 students, some Y8’s and their teachers.

A quick turnaround and a further sixty plus Y7 and Y8 students with their teachers.

Carol Powell,  SEN teacher, reflected on a few key aspects:

Positive praise to a pupil who displayed challenging behaviour previously. I’m going to come back to you for more of your ideas… is that OK”? (It’s a promise, not a warning).

“Shall we go for a walk”? But, for a long time, we don’t go for a walk- just a tiny movement, keeps pupil’s attention.

Quite a long input at start of session, but children needed this time to generate ideas and become familiar with the scene

As the pupil’s started writing, Tim broke in, as if he had forgotten some key points.

No right or wrong idea…. Don’t worry about spellings… (Some pupil’s relieved at this) The interruption seemed to motivate the pupil’s  to get on with their writing.

Read out A’s writing, – excellent results, challenged himself. Lots of praise. This gave others examples and they seemed keen to get back to writing some more.

When looking around the room, ALL of the pupils were engaged in their writing and clearly enjoying the task.

The afternoon and a different set of Y7 students

The end of the day we were joined by the staff to share the plethora of digital resources, that is available to engage learners, and most of it free.

On 29th May 2012 BECAUSE will be running BITES, Bristol’s first I.T. Education show, hosted by Brislington Enterprise College. Register for BITES at Because here, and see the schedule here.

The Show will boast exhibits by world leaders in emerging technologies with a focus on education. BITES is open to all leaders & innovators within education, as well as all primary & secondary school teachers across Bristol and beyond.

There is also a Teachmeet happening on the same day, which you can find out more about here.

A TeachMeet is an informal and gathering for those of us who are enthusiastic about teaching and who are keen to share ideas.

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