ICT to Inspire Conference, Ty Dysgu, Cefn Coed, Wales

| May 17, 2012 | 12 Comments 

Great to return again, to the ESIS Conference Centre, Ty Dysgu, Cefn Coed, near Cardiff, for another romp through digital and analogue worlds in Wales. We were joined by fifty colleagues from across the South Wales region, quite a few of whom we had worked with before., and who were back for more.

We had a practical exploration of some of the virtual worlds and visual literacy elements that can have a huge impact on raising children’s confidence across the creative curriculum.

We need to inspire young people and fire their imaginations; enhance their creativity and confidence so they can pick ideas up and start to juggle with them; encourage resourcefulness through challenge, but also the ability to reflect, change and benefit from the experience of others; to motivate a love of learning for life.

Fascination is a tool that can be easily neglected. This digital world, when mixed with the analogue, brings such potential for communication.

Technology is not the only answer… but, it does open up some remarkable opportunities, extending teaching & learning styles.

Thank you to Graham Evans, and colleagues, for organising another joyous day. The next steps in the ICT journey in our time with schools across this region. “There’s more!”

Well done & thank you to all of the folk here today, for your laughter, & the willingness to go for it & give things a go!

We took apart the powerful effect of using games, many (mostly free) Web tools, hand-held devices and more, – investigating a way of teaching, where quality learning is the focus rather than the latest gadget; ‘what is said, rather than what is used to say it’.

Virtual worlds, with their stunning landscapes, peaceful characters and realistic challenges, can be used across subject areas, abilities and age ranges, with remarkable effects: developing speaking and listening, and creativity in children of all ages, and abilities.

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  1. melissa says:

    Ha ha fun with the internet, dialling up now…..boo his!

  2. Elise Evans says:

    A fantastic day that has given alot of inspiring ideas to use in my class and throughout my school! thank you Tim it was a pleasure listening to you and Sarah and look forward to tomorrows next chapter of teaching and learning experience!!!

  3. Tim says:

    Thank you Elise – I am glad you found it useful. Let us know how you get on and… see you tomorrow.

  4. Tim says:

    It was a shame that we ground the web to a standstill.
    Where we live, in Somerset, we are on pedal up thin band
    Good luck with trying things out at school
    Tim and Sarah

  5. Jennie says:

    Only just managing to settle down at home with the laptop. I can see this is going to take up many of my hours in the coming weeks – so many wonderful things to think about!

  6. Joanna Lister says:

    A great day in Cardiff, thank you. Lots of ideas and resources to implement within my classroom and the school as a whole. Looking forward to the next chapter tomorrow!

  7. Tim says:

    Glad you found it useful Joanna. We too are looking forward to tomorrow. Keep in touch

  8. Tim says:

    Have fun but do remember to do analogue things too – like…eat.

  9. Mandy Peace says:

    I have been to lots of conferences and courses during my time in education, for CPD etc., and no matter how good they are, I can’t help but look at the clock and wonder wistfully when the coffee break will allow me to re-establish a connection between my brain and the rest of my body. Today however I felt like a child waiting for the next instalment of my favourite TV programme, and I could not believe when it was time to go home, let alone break for coffee!

    I met Tim Rylands a few years ago at Bett when I accidentally walked in to a seminar on Gaming in Education. I have been an avid fan ever since. As a lecturer in higher education I am always looking for new and exciting ways to reach our 21st century learners, and as such I often endorse Myster Rylands and his amazing approach to teaching and learning. Tim has always been supportive when I send my students in his direction, guiding them in their journey to innovative practice. After today’s activities at ESIS I can see why they come back to university bursting with enthusiasm. Tim and Sarah are incredibly inspiring, I’m not sure it would matter what they were talking about though, as they are such charismatic individuals. But their chosen topic is ICT to Inspire, and inspire they surely do. The blog is amazing, it is a fabulous resource and a great way to inject interesting and creative ideas to feed your children’s enthusiasm to learn! Their training days are incredible, but the most important aspect of the whole approach is the realistic and believable way in which they deliver their wares, giving you real life contexts and examples, so that you truly believe you can do it too!

  10. Tim says:

    Wow! Thank you Mandy
    It was great to have you there
    We’d value your thoughts on the lessons too 😀

  11. Elise Evans says:

    Day two in Ynysowen Primary was just as inspiring as yesterday’s training at ESIS! On entering the school car park I gasped at the shear sight of the new amazing primary school that has recently been built in Aberfan, yet by break time that was overwhelmed by the two lessons,that I observed and became a part of, that were taught to the pupils by Tim! Tthe lessons were intriguing and exciting for us teachers observing and for the pupils who took part and the afternoon session showed the years5/6 pupils displaying just as much enthusiasm for Tim’s lesson as the morning session had proved.it! I believed in Mr Walker myself by the end of the morning and Mr Ryland( like dry land without the D!) deserved a ” sitting” ovation himself by the end of the day! Some valuable tips and tricks that I will be using within my classroom in the future and the ‘MYST’ resources will feature in my next fortnightly planning! Thank you both for 2 days, of what the course name lives up to, ICT to Inspire! Elise Evans Heol y Celyn Primary

  12. Tim says:

    What thoughtful feedback Elise.
    We too enjoyed the day with the children today.
    There were many challenges that we tackled together, and they were a total delight
    Thank you for your comments
    Let us know how you get on with the next stages

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