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printImageWe have mentioned this before but it is such a joy to explore once more: Build Your Wild Self makes it easily artistic to apply some of the elements of SwitchZoo to your own human form.

An enchanting mixture of elf/fairy-like graphics, and interesting scientific information, makes this a great little application to explore with children of many ages.

Build a “you” then add animal characteristics that transport you in to a world of fantastic creatures and beyond.

My Wild Me has the following features:

Fennec fox ears – Fennec foxes are the smallest of all canines but have the largest ears for their size. My Fennec fox ears not only help me hear better, they’ll help me get rid of extra body heat to keep cool in the hot African desert.

Giant tree frog arms – My sticky fingers are actually giant tree frog toe pads. They help me cling to trees and climb vertically anywhere I want.

Pintail duck legs
– My pintail duck webbed feet help me move gracefully on the water. Plus, they help me dive and swim deep underwater to find food.

Monarch butterfly wings
– My monarch butterfly wings can beat five times per second. Can you flap your arms five times in one second?

Picture 17Give Build Your Wild Self a go!

It would be lovely to see some of your results.

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