Hutton CE Primary School, North Somerset – Day 2

| May 25, 2012 | 8 Comments 

Very often, our two days, working alongside the staff and pupils of a school, are back to back and consecutive. Some times they’re not. In this case, it has been quite few months since our first visit to Hutton CE Primary School, We had the great joy of starting the year in this little gem of a school, way back in September, and now we’re back for a day of fun and full on learning, and filming, with lots of the children.

The school has a superb new motto:

“Believe. Achieve. Succeed.
In our hands we hold the future”

This was so, so appropriate today. We spent the afternoon with small groups of children thinking about what the future may hold. Predictions, inventive ideas and imaginative concepts flowed. The world, and the world of education in particular, will be an intriguing and captivating place, with these children in involved.

 Thank you to Helen Howe, for organising our return trip, and to Luci Amos, head teacher, and her colleagues, and the children for another day of laughter and smiles. We’re looking forward to coming back next Wednesday for even more.

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  1. Jane Storer says:

    A huge thank you Tim! Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed their session with you and it was wonderful to see and hear their enthusiasm! A wonderful technique to inspire their thinking.

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Jane
    We enjoyed our travels with Class 2
    Let us know where YOU go maybe
    We’d love to hear of all of your explorations

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks for another inspiring day! You gave me lots of ideas about how to start my theme about holidays next term!

  4. Jenny says:

    The children enjoyed spending time using their imagination during the session. They have asked to do more work in the way and I am going to build this into their summer term Literacy. Thank you for returning to school.

  5. Tim says:

    Great to hear – we’d love to know how you get on = keep in touch :=D

  6. Tim says:

    Brilliant – sounds like you are going to have fun. We’d love to hear about what you get up to
    See you again soon

  7. Laura Lovely says:

    I have just used Myst V for the first time with my Reception class! We used the beach scene as a stimulus for descriptive language. I remembered to have an empty mug, and asked for them to ‘tell me more…’

    We had lots of good discsussion, including one about a dead seagull which was put there by the bad dinosaurs!

  8. Tim says:

    Hey! Laura… well done. We hope you didn’t get too much sand in your mug
    We would love to see what you came up with
    Send us a post card

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