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Storybricks is an interesting concept: a game-building tool & way to do some fascinating storytelling at the same time.

Storybricks puts the emphasis on narrative by giving players the tools to craft a story using blocks which direct aspects of an avatar’s personality traits. This could be the way they form relationships with others in the world, their needs, likes, dislikes, the way they communicate and how they interact.

Set in the Kingdom of Default, a fairy-tale-fantasy village, with some dark & developed souls in amongst the town’s folk, this could be challenging yet engaging. Early days for the idea so it will be fascinating to see where things progress.

Playing, programming and plot planning. Potentially potent.

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  1. Mandy Robinson says:

    This resource looks fantastic. I use kartouche and scratch to great effect so having a resource that incorporates both of these elements will be very well received by the children. Thanks for the details.


  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Mandy
    You(and yours) may find it a little frustrating to begin with, but it has an intriguing potential
    Some of the characteristics are interesting, such as nervous or confident
    I wish you confidence
    Thank you for the comment
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on

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