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iPads in Art at Clevedon School

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We had the pleasure of sitting in on one of Kelly Hawkins’s lessons at Clevedon School and a treat it was. Kelly has kindly recorded her personal and professional tech journey for us:

My name is Kelly Hawkins and my colleague, Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist), brought Tim to my classroom to see me teach recently. Following on from the session where students were using iPads and I was using them and other technology, Tim asked me some questions. This post is my attempt to address those questions…

Firstly, having never written a Blog post before I feel the need to share a small part of my personal philosophy about Art and teaching.  To me “Life is Art and Art is Life”.  I am passionate about all things “Art and Design” in every form and media.  I believe everyone has a right to be “visually literate” and have a vehicle to express themselves without prejudice. I am subject co-ordinator of Art at Clevedon and some will know me as @ClevedonArt on Twitter. Continue Reading