Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey – Day 1

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The first of two fascinating days at Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey, and an afternoon spent with thirty staff, exploring many web based technologies, and how they can bring learning even more alive.

We investigated how virtual landscapes, when used alongside some inspiring web tools, can motivate and inspire students, across many areas of the curriculum.

Robert College is a remarkable place, on the European side of Istanbul between the two bridges on the Bosphorus, From a variety of places on campus, it is possible to enjoy spectacular views of the river.

Founded in 1863 by two Americans, philanthropist Christopher Rhinelander Robert and Cyrus Hamlin, to offer an “American style” education under the Ottoman Empire, Robert College has been in operation longer than any other American-sponsored school outside the United States. So, next year, celebrations are planned, as this remarkable school will be 150 years old.

Robert College has a long list of notable alumni, including many cabinet-level ministers, ambassadors, and leaders in medicine, law, business and the arts, entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, artists, two Turkish Prime Ministers, three Turkish members of cabinet and one Nobel Prize recipient, Orhan Pamuk. The School is a member of the G20 Schools group.

We were in the beautiful setting of the library. The¬†library media center includes more than 49,000 volumes in English, Turkish, French and German, as well as more than 180 periodicals. The library’s databases give access to thousands of newspaper and periodical articles and other materials, on and off campus. Each faculty member is provided with a laptop.

Thank you to Erica Hoffman, Metin Ferhatoglu, Cyrus Carter, Maria Orhon, Colin Edmonds, Burcu Aybat, Mehmet Ozdemir, Ferhat Koc and colleagues, for organising our two days at the school. Tomorrow, we are going to get really inventive with digital media and story telling.

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