Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey – Day 2

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A second day at Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey, and today we had great fun getting creative with staff.

The start of the tale was drifted out in to the air above the Bosphorus. But how might it continue?

Together, we explored how experimental photography, playing with living texts and the magic of music, can bring story telling alive. There was a lot of laughter as, in groups, we set off in to the picturesque grounds of the school, capturing images to support the retelling of a story, then returned to do some wizardry.

Tiltshift Maker bought miniature characters in to life within the locality, or helped us focus on a significant portion within a landscape, or portrait.

With Psykopaint, we whisked photographs into paintings. Great artists styles were stolen borrowed to enhance aspects of the pictures captured around the school. By darkening, hardlighting, multiplying, overlaying, and manipulating, different feelings, and messages, were accentuated.

Next we played with words, picking them up and juggling them. Tagxedo, especially when used in its full screen (“player only”) mode, means you can explore your carefully chosen collection of vocabulary, bringing it alive, as you speak. Here is one to pick up and play with.

Music can breathe life in to a story too. Chosen, and crafted carefully, an arrangement of sounds, and instruments, can bring out just the right sensations, and emotions, in a yarn.

Jamstudio was the tool of choice for generating some stunning soundtracks which really enhanced the performances of the sagas.

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