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Conceptboard is a kind of pinboard, a flip chart and a whiteboard, enabling mind mapping, planning, collaboratively across almost any device. Upload and work with most kinds of documents, e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and images.

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Exploring Istanbul

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After two special days, working alongside the staff at Robert College, we were fortunate enough to have a short time exploring the remarkable region that surrounds the school.

The Bosphorus is a living, bustling, joyous, artery, teeming with life, which runs through the centre of Istanbul, straddling Europe and Asia. We wandered a huge length of it, on the West bank, from Bebek down to the old city itself.

The Grand Bazaar, The Blue Mosque, and many other fascinating sights, sounds, scents and sensation, are a special experience. We became wrapped in back streets, alleys and hidden localities, before making our way back up the river, by boat. A memorable day, and one we would recommend to anyone.