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MapZone 1The MapZone website aims to present British and European Geography in a fun and eye-catching mannner which will appeal to children.

The majority of the information is accessed through interactive activities, animations, quizzes and map-based games.

There are also printable resources.

MapZone4Pupils are able to strengthen areas such as using grid references, compass directions and knowledge and understanding of map symbols.

Pupils are able to contribute to the ‘Favorite Places’ area of the site which will hopefully build up to become a useful resource.

MystIII 059The Homework Help area of the website provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of map skills.


Although this site has been designed for Key Stage 3, it is an appealing website that has the potential to be used as a useful teaching tool in Key Stage 2 as well.

The site is available in Welsh and English, and covers a wide range of Geographical skills and concepts, including map symbols, grid references and understanding scale.

The Kirkby Collaborative of Schools, Day 2

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Day Two in Kirkby, with The Kirkby Collaborative of Schools, a cluster of sixteen schools in the town of Kirkby, Knowsley, Merseyside, working together as a family of schools for thier community.  Today at Eastcroft Park Primary School. Even though we are investigating many, many digital ideas over these three days, our real focus remains firmly on teaching and learning, rather than technology itself. It is what they say, rather than what they use to say it. We used scribbly sticks to get our ideas out, bouncing, flowing and bubbling, today. Continue Reading