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Smories is children reading stories for children. It came from an idea by Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar’s daughter, filming herself reading stories to entertain her little sister on a long journey. There are many, including tales such as If You Swallow Your Gum!

Children bringing unpublished stories to life, giving the chance for writers to try out their creations to a new audience, or just a delightful collection of fascinating fables. Fun!

The Kirkby Collaborative of Schools, Day 3

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The last of three, special, days with the Kirkby Collaborative of schools. What a remarkable bunch!

To have a group of schools working together, enables some powerful opportunities.

It also means that, when there is such a broad range of needs, abilities, interests, enthusiasms, skills, and confidences, there is the chance for experimentation, support and inventiveness. Continue Reading