The Kirkby Collaborative of Schools, Day 3

| June 21, 2012 | 14 Comments 

The last of three, special, days with the Kirkby Collaborative of schools. What a remarkable bunch!

To have a group of schools working together, enables some powerful opportunities.

It also means that, when there is such a broad range of needs, abilities, interests, enthusiasms, skills, and confidences, there is the chance for experimentation, support and inventiveness.

It was lovely to have so many people “Being awkward” today! We love it when people chip in, ask questions, make comments, suggestions, and offer their own ideas and discoveries. Joyous. Thank you all.

After two days of wonderful wandering in the world of words, with the children at both Eastcroft Park Primary School. and St Michael and All Angels Primary School,, we set off on a fast paced journey through many web based, games based and fascination based opportunities.

Well done indeed, to everyone involved in the last three day project. There has been so much, yet folk have been up for all the challenges. Thank you for your laughter and enthusiasm. We look forward to finding out where you go next.

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  1. Matt Nice says:

    Thanks for the fantastic inspiration Tim. A day really well spent with lots to take back to the classroom.

  2. Matt Nice says:

    Thanks for taking us on an amazing learning journey. We have really enjoyed some inspirational teaching and hope to meet you again soon.


  3. Jane Hurley says:

    A truly inspiring day, jam packed with ideas and ways to promote writing with the children. I will look forward to trying out some of the ideas with my class.
    Thanks Tim and Sarah

  4. Steve C says:

    A fantastic day! If only ALL INSET was like today. It was brilliant to see how the ‘digital’ and the ‘analogue’ made literacy so spellbinding. My Secondary colleagues would benefit so much from Tim’s bag of magic. A truely multi-modal day!

  5. Neil says:

    What a fantastic day! So many ideas and so little time to try them all!

  6. Julie C says:

    My head is still hurting with all the information! Thank you for a truly inspiring day. Can’t wait to share everything with colleagues and look forward to using ideas in the classroom. Goodbye to boring powerpoint presentations!

  7. Margaret III says:

    Thanks for a brilliant whistlestop tour of inspirational ideas and opportunities. The day flew by and was enjoyable from start to finish!

  8. Lynne B says:

    What a brilliant day, so inspiring I have seen Tim and Sarah 4 times and yet still amazed at how they inspire me each time. Such a great experience the IT is hidden so well within the sessions yet so powerful. If only all training sessions were so memorable. Thanks agian

  9. Hil Moglione says:

    Thanks for a whirlwind day , so much ispiration, so many ideas, so much fun! Lots of wonderful things to take back to the clasroom and share with others. One of the best INSET days I’ve been on
    Thanks again!

  10. Lynsey says:

    Such a fantastic day with lots of brilliant ideas to take away. I have already spoken with a lot of staff about the experience, never before have I gained so much away from a training day! Thank you very much.

  11. Thank you for the feedback folks: says:

    Kirkby Collaborative of Schools – Evaluation form

    Using ICT to inspire creativity in the development of children’s writing – With Tim Rylands

    How I am beginning to THINK differently – what I have learned about myself as a leader of learning and teaching

    Realised how easy a lot of the Apps/programs are to use. No reason why I cannot use ICT more in the classroom.

    The opportunities at our disposal to inspire and engage are much clearer. I have the ability to inspire.

    Thinking about teaching without the plan – developing more of a go with the flow approach and letting the pupils lead the lesson.

    I have already been inspired to come up with new ideas and approaches.

    Take risks, try out as many different teaching styles strengthened by some of the ideas from Tim and Sarah. Will take more time with lessons and put lesson objective at the end.

    Given more confidence to use a PC. To stand still in the classroom. Need to let children talk more and think more – give them more time. Use more visual stimuli.

    Today has made me think about how I can use a range of images and ICT to really enhance my teaching. It has made me think about how I will plan eg. Not to be so structured when exploring visual images eg. Myst.

    There are lots more things I need to learn about using ICT to enhance my teaching.

    Try to be more open to ideas and play with things.

    Definitely play around with wordle for a variety of intros/plenaries. Will use others to enhance teaching.

    Giving children more time to think/find language. That there is a wealth of resources online that should be used.

    Lots of ideas to use ICT to inspire lots of areas of the curriculum.

    I am a barrier to inspired learning – I think too much about Ofsted and not enough about learning experience.

    Use of ICT in the classroom. Raising standards in writing, particularly boys writing.

    Inspirational ideas to take forward into our school. Need to introduce ideas one step at a time. I have learned that I need to think outside the box.

    To think outside the box. How ICT can be used across the curriculum in a variety of ways.

    To be able to think and work multi modally – encourage talk.

    That I am able to be creative again and share ideas (I feel as enthusiastic as an NQT again –m well almost!). I am looking forward to seeing these ideas in school and working with colleagues and developing ideas.

    Its okay to be creative, original and messy.

    Great websites to inspire the children. You can have fun in the classroom.

    How to make the curriculum more creative through games based learning and ICT.

    To take risks, try new things and new ideas.

    Learn about different uses of cross curricular ICT for diffferent subjects.

    Approaching writing from lots of different directions.

    Use new approaches to teach reading and writing. Keep up with new toys

    Not keeping it restricted to the classroom. I am gong to hide the learning objectives too! Love the idea of LO and behold. I will be brave.

    Need to plan things more effectively in terms of materials and time.

    I can still become enthused and excited about teaching and explore the unknown to improve my teaching.

    Such a reminder of the skills I once had – re-inspiration.

    Need to introduce more ideas. Inspire others.

    Different ideas that can be used to inspire children to learn and achieve more.

    Generally excited about using some / all of the resources shown today. Very inspirational.

    To use multimodal more in class. Use games as a media for writing to inspire.

    The different and varied ways to use ICT to inspire. Use the website to remind myself of how inspired I feel today.

    What I hope to DO differently – ways in which me and my practice might change as a result of what I have learned in the sessions with Tim

    Use ICT more to develop ideas and inspire children. Use programs to differentiate across the curriculum.

    Use ICT in ways that encourage exploration and open ended and truly inspire pupils.

    Use ICT as a method to support writing so much more in my lessons.

    I think I can see ways in which I can transform both my own practice and that of others. I think we could use ICT to foster learning as well as writing.

    To dip in and out on a weekly basis into web sites Tim and Sarah gave today, to try out in the classroom, show something different each staff meeting.

    Be more adventurous in use of ICT for all lessons. Take more time to explore rather than rushing through things.

    To explore websites. More use of video cameras.

    Use ICT more for literacy speaking and listening. Give children more time to think and finish their work.

    I will use a range of ICT to enhance my teaching and the children’s learning.

    I will research all of the sites and use some of the applications when preparing my lessons.

    More ICT in different subjects.

    Use more variety of ICT in other lessons eg. Music.

    To look at how I can incorporate the resources into various subjects across the curriculum. It would ne nice to have the freedom to use something like Myst without constant emphasis on planning.

    Lots of ideas to develop in the curriculum.

    Less word processing/ less talking and more exploration.

    Turn my LOs over and share a learning journey.

    Be more creative. Use idea of LO and behold.

    Loved the idea of not discussing the LO. As foundation stage teacher, I always think it limits what the children may learn or do in a session.

    Engage my staff to think both analogue and digitally in planning and creating writing opportunities.

    Use ICT in a greater capacity especially with reluctant writers in KS4 in addition to KS3.

    Use more computers across circular. Bin the Hamilton. Take my class forward at a pace more suited to them. Will stop and smell the hommous.

    Really, push the boat out with literacy (off the scheme)

    To give children an opportunity to think and not be afraid of silence.

    Definitely use some of the computer game software.

    Use with a range of pupils eg. SEN

    Much more interactive work.

    Use game images. Us crazy talk.

    Support and work with staff on using ICT within lessons. Use the translator technique.

    Revisit software and extend and develop usage. It easily becomes a one off if you are not careful.

    Give the learner time to be involved and don’t rush – give the children time to think and enjoy.

    More interactive engagement through ICT.

    One new website from Tim’s collection will keep next years class on their toes and hopefully inspire some great literacy.

    Be more daring. Have a go.

    Use different ideas to help children to develop. Use different hardware and software in the classroom. Keep up to date with new ideas in different schools.

    Extending language skills in Year 3.

    Change – use more ICT (games multi-modal etc. )

    Use more ICT with my Nursery class !!

    What I want to EXPLORE further – with Tim, with the Collaborative, with school, through further CPD ……

    Use of Ipads

    Open ended tasks without boundaries (without feeling the need to control or plan every last aspect of the journey)

    How I can use all of the different resources within my teaching.

    I wish to explore ways to be effectively introduce some of these ideas. Id like to organise for other staff to.

    Spread the information – roll it out to all teaching staff and colleagues in school and personal friends.

    Making videos with children using what they have done in lessons . Use of other technology.

    Pass on information.

    Inform whole staff at school.

    Teaching children with SEN and equipment and resources that are available to enhance their learning.

    Whole school training.

    Use of twitter, blogs, podcasts etc.

    Training for all staff. Spend time exploring.
    Let students take the lead.

    Use of games in literacy in the classroom. Evaluate online tools which work for us.

    More use of ICT throughout the creative curriculum to encourage discussion and writing especially with reluctant talkers and writers.,

    Looking forward to trialling some of the websites and sharing them with colleagues.

    KS3/4 related resources and ideas.

    How things work = our own experiences and watching Tim with our students (especially KS4)

    Use of Myst for descriptive writing.

    Games based learning as a whole school approach.

    Use of ICT for creative writing.

    Use across school with classes and training.

    Crazy talk and use of Ipads

    Vast range of links.


    Use of open source software and a wider range of multimodal resources.

    The stand still effect to develop language and writing.

    Would love to see Tim with all of my staff – seeing is believing.

    Give teachers more confidence.

    To keep us up dated with new technology.

    We aren’t a member of the collaborative but would love to see if Tim could come to our school.

    FEEDBACK with regard to the content of the sessions
    What HELPED my learning or development / EXPERIENCES that I enjoyed or valued

    Pace of session; opportunity to discuss and explore games in small groups.

    Opportunities to view open ended tasks and the effect they have – without the fear of letting go.

    Seeing the wide range of resources and how I can use them to support writing within school. See how writing can take many different forms – out of the box.

    Great presentation and great visuals. Some great practical suggestions of techniques and websites.

    Encouraged to use a variety of different sites. Lots of ideas for all abilities and really good for SEN.

    Great and engaging presentations with examples.

    Superb presentation – humour.

    Knowing we can access everything on the website – don’t need to write down so can listen more. Good idea to take photos with phone etc.

    I enjoyed having a go at the games and seeing all the different websites.

    Informed about the websites.

    Session on powerpoints too much to take in but realise help sheets will be available. Good to see in action though.

    Sharing of resources and know how. Focus on interactive activities with children.

    Free resources !!

    Demonstrations – it really is easy.

    Offer of help sheets.

    Lesson observations.

    Have never played a computer game which is shameful for a mother of three young men and feel more confident to give it a go.

    Lots of fantastic ideas to use in the classroom and share.

    Interaction with Tim and Sarah.

    Short and snappy – lots of content and examples.

    A vast toolkit to explore.

    Text boxes in PPT – Seeing it done with children.

    Opportunities to talk.

    So many free downloads to support language literacy and other subjects.

    Wow lesson factor !

    Taking writing further.

    What HINDERED my learning or development

    Unfamiliar with all of the programs and apps that were discussed.

    Fear and lack of knowledge of technology.

    Lack of confidence with the ICT.

    Frustrated playing the game and wish I had been told how to move on to see other environments.

    To take this forward we need lots of technical changes – eg Ipads updated computers.

    Blocked websites.

    Time to digest.

    Ofsted threats and government expectations = lack of self confidence. Tim and Sarah have inspired me.

    To much talk on multimodal powerpoints (just a minor criticism of a ten out of ten day )

    IDEAS for improving the next sessions

    Meet up to see what schools have done.

    See Tim work with one class so we can see end output of writing activities.

    More Ipad specific activities

    Handout for the powerpoints

    Liaise with SMT about INSET

    Observe a secondary lesson
    Opps for people to share their ICT apps software ideas

  12. Tim says:

    Thank you to everyone for the super comments on the three day project. We thoroughly enjoyed our chance to work alongside everyone in the collaborative and look forward to coming up and taking the next steps.
    Keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on
    Tim and Sarah

  13. Nicola says:

    Thank you Tim! fabulous day
    I was very inspired by everything you showed us. I am looking forward to using these in my classroom and sharing information with my colleagues.

  14. Tim says:

    Thanks Nicola
    I am so glad you found it useful
    Let us know what you try first and how things go 😀

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