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A valuable gem*, and one well worth experimenting with, is InstaGrok – a search engine with a few differences.

“What do you want to learn about?” is the enticing question on the front page. Choose the level of results you’re looking for, along the scale from beginner to genius, and then start exploring.

The initial search is a bit like a cross between VisuWords and WordSift – a malleable, click-able, drag-able spider’s web of connected results. Alongside this, there are connected key facts, web pages, videos, images, other related concepts and even quizzes around the subject.

InstaGrok collates the sites you have been to, and sets you up a journal to record your investigations. As a way to organise some detailed research, or a way to discover alternative pages to the ones brought up by traditional searches, this can prove fruitful.

This is a useful tool, for children of many ages, and abilities. It can have some limitations in certain searches, but provides a rich and fascinating alternative route through internet “finds” and resources. Go Grok!

grok (v): to understand thoroughly and intuitively

(* and one we’re surprised we haven’t mentioned earlier).

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