South West Digital Educators Conference 2012, Plymouth – ‘A child’s place in a digital world’

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An honour to be asked to do a closing keynote at South West Digital Educators ‘A child’s place in a digital world’ Conference 2012 at Plymouth University.

This superb event was organised South West Grid for Learning, Plymouth University and the Open University Vital Project with the support of local authority advisors.

This was a fantastic opportunity for educators in the region to engage with, and be inspired by, new developments and thought-provoking discussions around Teaching and Learning in ICT.

The day was full of superb sessions, with Juliette Heppell, Stephen Heppell, Pie Corbett and David Mitchell sharing some great ideas in their keynotes.

Stephen and Juliette showed some innovative re thinking of the structure of schools, both in the design of learning spaces, but also in the design of learning “events”.

There were also workshops delivered by the successful applicants for the South West Digital Educators: Awards 2012 recognising excellence and innovation in the use of technology in the classroom, showcasing how technology enriches children’s learning experience: from Super Classes to barefoot discovery learning.

David and Pie took us through apractical exploration of words, both digital and analogue.

Pie built up a piece of shared text with the audience and modeled ways of making sure that children always achieve – praising effort and nurturing even small successes. “All teachers have a Captain Mainwaring inside them” and have a natural tendency to knock down an idea, or contribution, because it wasn’t what THEY were expecting.

Our text was constructed by many folk from around the room, and it was delightfully full of mystery and intrigue. YOU can read the story, and more importantly YOU, or your children, can read AND ADD to the story at

Dave then showed how the simple power of blogging can give instant audience, and a sense of purpose, a reason to WANT to write. “I can blog it, and millions of people will see it”! Dave has seen real movement, and progress, within his groups of bloggers. A persuasive and powerful, argument for blending paper and digits.

Dave shared some of his more recent projects, such as, “The World’s Biggest Blogging Project”, Quadblogging,

To raise the profile of blogging to learners of all ages across the globe so that the power of a genuine audience can be experienced by as many people as possible.


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  1. Gary underwood says:

    What a great end to the conference, thank you very much Tim, I hope to see you again sometime.

  2. Anna Lucas says:

    I plan to take it slow as advised and begin with one or two ideas. I will try out getting students to translate each others questions, good for developing scientific vocab. im also going to take a look at spicy nodes. thanks for the great ideas and a truly entertaining and inspiring presentation.

  3. Tim says:

    Thank you Gary
    I am glad you found it worthwhile
    Look forward to seeing you again some time

  4. Tim says:

    Hey Anna – great to hear you thoughts and aim to take things slowly. The translator does mean that an awful lot more vocabulary starts floating around the room
    Spicynodes IS a great tool and I would love to hear how you get on
    Glad you enjoyed the day and keep in touch

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