West of England ICT – ‘Back to their future’ Conference

| July 4, 2012

What fun! A keynote at West of England ICT  Conference at the University of the West of England (UWE) Conference Centre, Bristol, with the delicious theme of “Back to their Future”. Having been involved in education in the South West for most of my life, including teaching for 14 years in two schools in North Somerset, and Bath and North East Somerset, and just being a local lad, it was a true honour to be asked to to close today’s conference, especially with the Back to their Future (BTTF) theme.

We managed to get Doc Brown to help us out in the session and introduce iPads, speech recognition and more.

We did a bit of fast paced bit of time travelling, starting with a look back through the history of technology, from the dawn of time itself. It is very difficult to guess what might happen in the future but, as Alan Kay said “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”. Therefore, we whizzed through 88 (and, if you’re a BTTF aficionado like me, then you’ll know why we went for 88, and you will know you need an awful lot of road to get up to 88. No hang on! “Where we’re going, who needs roads?!”) yes… 88 tips, tools toys and resources that are available NOW and can bring the present even more alive, and invent a bit of the future.

Thank you to too many people to mention from the world of education in the South West. A special thank you Magdalene Storsveen, our friend from Norway, who drove one of the three simultaneous presentations that made up today’s event.

More to follow. Or, in the words at the end of two of the BTTFs “To be continued…”


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