Radyr Primary School, Cardiff

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A joyful day of lessons and a brisk twilight INSET at Radyr Primary School.

Radyr have joined up with Llanishen Fach, to share this project on developing boys writing, and more, and we are looking forward to returning, and working alongside the staff from both schools, looking at a multitude of digital, and analogue, teaching tools and styles, in September.

Today, we explored some analogue opportunities, in response to just one digital stimulus. A virtual world is, a really remarkable, and magical, but simple, extension of the “big book” experience. Yet it goes further than that.

The children, today, demonstrated some superb speaking and listening skills. They didn’t get a vast amount of time to transfer those remarkable ideas in to writing (because we had such little time and there were so many things we were trying), but they really took off and flew in the short chance they did get.

The Radyr children, and staff, let go quickly, and trusted us enough to take some imaginative “risks”. They “went for it” with style. A fire alarm went off, twice, in the afternoon session, but that too became “a sign” to head off in to the dark seas surrounding the mysterious landscape we were inhabiting. The children were sensible and “returned to land” without fuss, in time to witness two intriguing characters share their tale of survival with us.

A big thank you to Jonathan Bussy, headteacher at Radyr, for organising our visit today. Thanks, as well, to the children, & colleagues, for travelling with us. We really look forward to heading back here in the new school year…

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