Whitley & Eggborough CP School, North Yorkshire : Day 2

| July 10, 2012 | 4 Comments 

Our seond day with Whitley and Eggborough CP School, and today was our chance to spend time with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils and their teachers.

This has been a really enjoyable, and fascinating, two day project. We have split the days between Key Stages, with key people from each taking part in both days. Teaching sessions paired up with some exploring of a multitude of digital resources.

The opportunity to spend some extended time with groups of children has meant that we have been able to experiment with some of the analogue, teaching styles. Changing the pace, from slower, more contemplative, descriptive, narrative, to fast paced role play, questioning and “word juggling”, has meant that not a moment has passed without a challenge, or thought.

We ended the day again the a second twilight

Again, a huge THANK YOU to Head teacher Julie Snead for the opportunity to spend time with her pupils and colleagues – a delightful two days.

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  1. Mr Holtby says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable experience! My mind is pulsating with ideas. We all have lots of playing to do over the holidays, to ensure we all take as many things as we can, into the classroom to bring it to life!

    Many thanks Tim and Sarah.

  2. Tim says:

    Well done Mr Holtby. We’ve really appreciated your input, humour and support over the last two days. As ICT bod we hope that you will keep in touch whenever you need some support, advice or someone to yell for when something doesn’t work.
    Have fun!
    Tim and Sarah

  3. Julie Snead says:

    This has been an absolutely unforgettable, motivating and thought provoking two days.

    I feel so enthused and determined to ensure that the curriculum we provide for our children is one which they are going to use, that will prepare them for their future. You have provided so many tools and strategies over the past two days to support us in enabling this.

    I am brimming with excitement and feel that what we have experienced over the past two days has been extremely special.You both have so much to give – our eyes have been opened and our minds stimulated!

    These two days will remain with us for a long time and we will certainly keep in touch.Thank you so much, you are both truly inspirational.

  4. Tim says:

    WOW! Julie. Thank you. I am glad that, for you as head, we left you all with some things to keep your heads buzzing
    WE valued YOUR company and character over the last two days
    Your enthusiasm, smile, supportive, valuing, attentive and perceptive character made our visit incredibly enjoyable . THANK YOU
    We look forward to keeping in touch with you all at W & E
    Tim and Sarah

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