Pentrepoeth Primary School, Newport – Next steps

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A joyous return visit to Pentrepoeth Primary School,

We have already enjoyed a day with the Pentrepoeth teachers and a day working alongside their pupils. So it has been great to be back, and doing even more, in a place that feels like home.

On our last visit, it was the teachings styles that left the biggest impact, it seems. The staff did an audit to identify some of the aspects they had adopted in their own teaching.

These included creating an open environment to speak. Involvement of all. Taking children on a journey. Inspiring boys to want to write and talk. No right or wrong. Enjoyment. The dripping in of ideas. Being open to all ideas, at all times.

Confidence building / Self esteem. Developing ideas. Visual Stimulus. Feeling of self worth. Open for discussion. All ideas are good ideas. All encouraged/focused, and motivated. The development of extended vocabulary. Encouraging responses without interruption. More time for the children to speak. Less dominant children coming forward. Humour and how it is used to help children remember a learning point.

This time, though, our focus was on a practical, hands-on, fast paced, challenge-filled day of experimentation, with some inventive technology.

The school has groups of staff, from across the age range of the school, who focus on key areas of the curriculum. These groups worked together today, to create a practical presentation, based upon a story, and using online tools to manipulate, create and modify images, words and audio.

We expect children to tell stories. That is, actually, quite a challenge in its own right. Then mix in a decent portion of technology and you raise the chance of frustration considerably.

There is, sometimes, a difference in the way that children and adults tackle those difficulties in getting used to something, and getting it to work! We “biggies” can often just assume its broken. Children of many ages, will try other ways around an obstacle.

When we, as adults, are faced with a challenge, we can, sometimes, feel out of our depths. The folk here today were up for it though.

Each group presented their ideas in different ways. There were some subtle differences that crept through: The Cultural Diversity and Creativity team placed an interesting focus on some imaginative creativity, and a moral message came through too. The Communication team stretched the technology. The Enterprise group were inventive and worked on some ways of stretching the concepts, whilst social, health and community elements shone through from the Well Being bunch. The big team of LSAs brought a lot of impressive skills to each of the Curriculum Teams.

A huge thank you to head teacher Anne Carlyle and deputy Nick Penn for organising all of the technical aspects of today. Thanks, too, to all of the staff for welcoming us back with such humour. A fun day. We can see how you rightfully deserve you Investors in people Gold Award. Well done all.

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