Petersfield Infant School, Hampshire

| October 1, 2012 | 7 Comments 

What gorgeous fun, to spend the day at Petersfield Infant School, an infant school, in Petersfield, in Hampshire.

We started the day with two sessions alongside children from across the school. And, what a brave and imaginative bunch of explorers they really were. We set off in to unknown worlds, accompanied only by words and scribbly sticks. We did some analogue adventuring in digital lands. Inventive picking up of words and juggling them galore. Delightful.

In the afternoon, we worked alongside key people from the school team, looking at games based, and web based, learning. We also had the chance to investigate making our own, relevant and engaging, digital resources.

After school, everyone joined us on a fast paced trip through a lot of other ways to engage, motivate and inspire, children in the early years of the school journey.

Petersfield school is one of the largest infant schools in Hampshire, and currently has 12 classes. It has a strong teaching staff, and powerful group of learning support staff who do some remarkable things across the school too.

Visitors rema rk on the purposeful, calm and happy atmosphere they feel on entering the school. In the past few years, the school has been refurbished inside and out adding to the bright and attractive surroundings.

The school already does uses ICT in some imaginative ways. On Silver Surfers Day, lots of Grandparents came into school to work in the ICT suite and use the Learning Platform. They have a collection of links to some great KS1 games on their site.

Our aim was to join the Petersfield folk, who already seek out tools and resources that go beyond the realm of primary colours alone. Some can be challenging, but everyone here today was up for that challenge!

There was a nature theme running through today because of the lovely class names across the school: The Year 1 classes are on a woodland theme ~ Badgers, Hedgehogs, Squirrels and Rabbits. Year 2 get all feathery, with Puffins, Kingfishers, Woodpecker and Owls. Year R go underwater with Penguins, Dolphins, Seals and Whales.

Thank you to headteacher Linda Lee, for inviting us to Petersfield, & thank you to the staff & children, who joined us for wonderful wander in the world of words & more.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Wow, what can I say? Such a fabulous day with so much to take on board and use.
    *The deliberate pauses, I do love a cup of coffee 🙂
    *Avoiding looking at the children at first
    *Not hands up but knowing when to drip in
    *Use of voice
    *Forgetting words so the children have to fill in your gaps (giant’s causeway!)
    *Deliberately omitting words so as not to guide them down a certain route…and that’s just the start of it!

    I have so many things to try out, it’s just a case of choosing 1. I think that’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do all day!

    And LO and behold 🙂
    Can’t wait till next time

  2. Tillie says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderfully inspiring day!

    Agree with Kathryn- so many ideas, we won’t know where to start! Thoroughly enjoyed today and learned a lot!


  3. Allyson Crew says:

    A though provoking, motivational day.
    So much to think about,, so many ideas to ponder….
    I now need a week off to reflect!!
    Thank you Tim & Sarah!!

  4. Lucy says:

    Thank you again for such a brilliant day! My notebook is full of new and wonderful bits and pieces to try out in the classroom! Can’t wait!

  5. Ali Hook says:

    Thank you for such a brilliant day!

    I think I enjoyed it more than the children. I was hoping you were going to ask me my ideas about what was at the top of the spiral staircase!

    I had such a buzz after all the ideas and websites that you had shared, that I spent much of my evening herding sheep and building space rockets.

    Once again thank you very much x

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you for this lovely feedback Ali
    Go on then… tell us about what else YOU think is up the staircase
    Keep in touch and let us know what you try

  7. Kathy Banasik says:

    Very belatedly, thank you so much for a truly inspiring and entertaining training day. We have recently had some fabulous writing sessions in Year 2 using Taggalaxy and Panorama, and there’s so much more to explore. Many thanks.

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