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Day One Training for Tavistock Community Primary and Tavistock College  in Tavistock, Devon.

Today is Tavistock Goosey Fair, and, as this is an important event for the local community, and its children, the schools take the opportunity to have a “closed day” of training for the staff.

Tomorrow will see us returning to work with the pupils from both schools.

We were joined by staff from Tavistock Community Primary School, Tavistock College, St Peter’s Junior School, Tavistock, St Rumon’s Infant School, Tavistock,and Manor Primary School, Ivybridge.

As Laura Handel, Deputy Head of Tavistock Community Primary said: “The aim of the day for us and the college is to inspire teachers to use ICT more creatively in the classroom, as well as improve boys engagement in the writing process.  It is the first time for many years that the Primary School and the College in Tavistock have joined together in a CPD venture and we hope it will be the start of further joint training ventures. The college is on the same site as the primary and we are keen to make use of some of their excellent ICT facilities with our pupils, we hope this joint training will break down barriers between primary and secondary colleagues, forge new friendships and develop  opportunities for working together to improve the outcomes for our pupils”.

The College has recently become a cooperative trust school. Tavistock Community Primary and other primaries in the local learning community are hoping to join this trust in the near future.

I was excited to discover how to use powerpoint so that it doesnt look like a powerpoint at all – instead it becomes a writing frame with moving image, interact-able and fantasy-tastic. Also Tim and Sarah gave my lesson planning a freshen up with their invaluable insights into gaming and downloading, I can see lessons changing already! ~ S

The School Improvement priorities for the college next year are around Literacy, ethos and expectations, co-operative learning and new technologies.  Another area is around raising standards in writing, particularly for boys, and using technology more effectively to enhance teaching and learning in all curricular areas.

What a fascinating morning, there is so much more available than I could imagine. It truly is inspiring, working with Deaf students and translating english I am constantly thinking of how to bring words, concepts, images etc to life and into the classroom to enable true understanding. Many of the webpages, apps and ideas are going to prove hugely valuable- now I need to know how to use them! Many thanks. ~ Melody

The annual Goose Fair in Tavistock dates back to the early 12th Century, when a Michaelmas Fair held every September 29th provided the opportunity for business and animal trading, and was a social event for wives and daughters.  The name Goose Fair probably came about as farmers brought their geese ready for fattening for Christmas, and the only other Goose Fair (in Nottingham) has a similar connection.

When the new calendar was introduced in 1752 the ‘loss’ of 11 days changed the date of the Michaelmas Fair to October 10th, and now the Fair is held on the second Wednesday in October each year.

Market traders come from all over the country to sell their wares and provide entertainment. Stalls and side shows are set up in the centre of the Town, and some 200 spaces are let by the Town Council for traders and community groups. A further 70 spaces are let to members of the Showman’s Guild in Bedford Car Park by West Devon Borough Council.

The more traditional side of Goose Fair can still be found at the Tavistock Livestock Centre. They usually hold an open day where you can see cattle, sheep and Dartmoor ponies, and enjoy the auction of live geese and poultry.

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  1. Mr Checkley says:

    Like a rock and roll technology demi-god!

    Highly recommended!

  2. Thank you so much for a brilliant day! I am totally inspired and can’t wait to use some of the ideas to equally inspire my students.

  3. Lisa Base says:

    Thank you for a great day. There were so many ideas but I particularly liked the idea of taking time to stand still… I also liked the word splatted!

  4. Kath Powell says:

    What a really inspiring day for all of the staff who attended. So much to absorb and digest about the world we are all currently surrounded by and the power of technologies to inspire the next generation for the world ahead. if we can take just some small nuggets into every classroom from the day, the power of inspiring learning through technology within the Tavistock community will be phenominal.

    Thanks to Tim, Sarah and our tech support team for making the day so successful. Looking forward to the power of this tomorrow with our young people.

  5. D Anstis says:

    It’s been a really positive day. I found it really motivational and very much appreciated the practical ideas and sites you suggested. The multi-modal writing frame walk-through was particularly satisfying as I’d been wondering for a while how to do this in PowerPoint! So simple once you know how!

    Many thanks to you both 🙂

  6. Jim Barnicott says:

    Thanks for a great day, loads of good ideas that I can use tomorrow!

  7. Helen Salmon says:

    Thanks for an inspiring and creative day. This will help to move the school forward.

  8. Stuart Hearne says:

    Great fun! Many thanks Tim. A fascinating experience.

  9. Gary King says:

    What a fantastic and inspirational session. I thank you very much Tim and Sarah. I feel that litening and particpating in your interactive session really cemeted my understanding that ICT underpins engagement and also can be delivered without ‘fear’. Taking a risk and allowing students to explore and develop outside the confines of the ‘traditional’ lesson plan is a great mantra. I wish I was at School again!

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