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At #MEIL12, @russellprue showed us his appearance in E2BN’s CookIt Recipe Creator resource. A lovely little Russell cooks alongside Nigella & Jamie.

The Cookit creator provides a fun way of creating a recipe and showing how it is cooked. Record, or add, audio to explain what is going on.

You can change the colour of the worktops, fridge and floors, zoom in on items important in the cooking process. Save and publish your finished recipe online for others to see. A really useful tool to encourage talking and writing within the framework of instructions.

Does your recipe contain ingredients from across the different food groups?

How about designing your own menu? Use templates from different eras and select recipes from the History Cookbook to understand what and how people ate in the past. Could you design a menu fit for Henry VIII’s table? Make a menu for a WW2 family living on rations? Perhaps your menu could show how food was different for the rich and poor.

With the picture teller tool, use your own pictures and audio to demonstrate how a recipe is made. A simple zoom tool allows you to focus in on the items in a picture you are talking about, as you outline the ingredients and stages that are important in creating your recipe.

There are more tasty experiences to be enjoyed on the E2BN CookIt website.

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