Tavistock Community Primary & Tavistock College~Devon II

| October 11, 2012 | 2 Comments 

Great to be back Tavistock Community Primary and Tavistock College  in Tavistock, Devon, this time, working alongside the children from across the schools.

Yesterday, we splattered the staff with “almost too many” digital tools to engage, and inspire, pupils of all ages and abilities. Today, we ventured in to some incredible digital, virtual terrains, yet used analogue ways of responding to our “neeeeeeeeed to write”.

To write, at speed, and “off the cuff”, takes a form of courage. It is that confidence that we were building on today. To take off and fly, to do some verbal, or written jazz, as it were. And this lot took to this challenge with relish. What joyous writing they came up with. Inventive, imaginative ideas flowed, “like rippling silver from the hills above”.

A huge thank you to Laura Handel, Kath Powell, and all of their colleagues, for so much laughter, and “up~for~it~ness”. A massive thank you, too, to Umberto Bergonzini, and all of the other technical support team, who looked after us in such remarkable style.

Tavistock College is a co-operative school, part of the Schools Co-operative movement that is gaining strength more and more these days. Find out more HERE and follow @Coop_learning to find out even more.

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  1. Laura Handel says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for an inspirational day yesterday. The children and the staff at Tavistock Primary had a fabulous time in the lessons this morning. We were astonished at how much writing our pupils produced, many teachers carried on the session when they got back to their classrooms, so as not to lose the enthusiasm and excitement that you had generated!

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Laura – We have really loved our two days with you all
    Your colleagues, and your children, are a special bunch, who have made our visit a throughly enjoyable experience, full of laughter and “going for it”>
    Keep in touch and let us know how things go from here… 😀

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