‘The Foundations for Success Conference’, Derbyshire

| October 15, 2012 | 4 Comments 

Fun to be at the delightful Hassop Hall, in Derbyshire, Today was a fast paced exploration of many ways to inspire, and motivate, children of all ages, and abilities, with, and without, technology, alongside colleagues from the Deincourt Area Learning Community (DALC) , leading two workshops and closing the day with a speedy “footnote”.

The conference was entitled ‘The Foundations for Success’ – “looking at innovating ideas for moving the non movers using a creative curriculum” with colleagues from Parkhouse Primary, Pilsey Primary, North Wingfield Primary, Heath Primary and Grassmoor Primary. This is also a group of folk who know how to laugh!

We investigated the power of technology, but also how it fits in to a broad curriculum, to create real impact within a classroom, and outside it. The mixture of analogue, and digital, is a key element that makes many of the things we cover, come alive. Getting outside with handheld and portable technologies, but also, bringing the outside world in.

One of the great thing about many forms of digital media is that they can be different every time. The story of a digital game can be different whenever it is played. With some of the virtual worlds we use, the background story can be generated by the people that explore them. And it will be “true” because they made it up themselves. There could be a whole “real” back channel or plot, but it fades in to the background, compared to the one that is generated by a class of children, creating their own tales & “back story”. We had great fun wandering in the world of words today.

Thank you to Nicholas Snape Headteacher Pilsley Primary School for inviting us to contribute to a full day. There were some other, fascinating, and really useful, workshops today: A session on phonics, and creative ways to move the non-movers. Tarn Draig led a session on outdoor sculpture based around a story. “Mad Science” experimented with some creative ways to teach the subject. Martin Blackham’s session, “Take a Picture”, was a look in to practical photography in schools. Rachel Wilkes got everyone singing to aid literacy. An iPad session had folk trying out some creative apps. Paul Oxborough, helped budding broadcasters take the first steps with some TV studio training. Chesterfield College stretched the idea of digital writing through some advanced desktop publishing.

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  1. Tammy Shacklady says:

    Absolutely fantastic training day!!!

  2. Paul Scragg says:

    I was the builder! Nervous and scary to be thrust into the limelight but it does push you to extend yourself whilst having fun. Excellent to then see that work with me in it published in an e-writing frame. The kids would really rise to the challenge. Thankyou for all the great ideas.

  3. Tim says:

    And what a great spontaneous builder you were Paul!
    You also made a good film star for the instant multimodal
    A powerful thing to be able to make eh? Everybody should know how to make them don’t you think
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on
    All the best

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you Tammy -We are so glad you found some useful things – Enjoy

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