Cluster INSET at Ladywood Primary, Ilkeston

| October 25, 2012 | 10 Comments 

Now this was a really fun day! To wander in the world of words is always fun!

To do so in the company of a group of people who are REALLY up for a challenge, and can travel in style, with humour, imagination and alacrity, is cheerfully joyous.

Well done to all of the staff and children from Year 2, Year 3 and Year 6 from Ladywood Primary, Ilkeston, and the visiting colleagues, for the first of two days with the Ilkeston Cluster. Thank you for being brave enough to voyage with us… and taking off and flying too.

The cluster is made of a range of sized schools, some with nurseries, some very small and some very big: Mapperley Primary, Scargill Primary, Dallimore Primary, Stanley Common Primary, St. Andrew’s Stanley, their central point being the secondary school, Kirk Hallam the local cluster secondary school. They work well as a cluster and try to meet regularly, with the secondary school giving good support to all of them.

One, lovely and enthusiastic, young lad, from Year 3, even played the part of a great giant, in the landscape we were exploring with Year 2. The joy of back projection, is that children, who come up and role play, aren’t stood staring at a bright light. It also means that superb sillouhettes can be made when characters stand between the projector, facing the screen, and act out their part.

A massive thank you to head teacher, Melanie Lawson,   a lady with a great sense of humour, for inviting us to spend time with her, her children and her colleagues and for laughing and dancing with us through the day.
A riotous rumba of writing.
A tango of talk.
A waltz of waiting in wonder.
A quick step of next steps.

We spoke at the Derbyshire ICT conference in April, and the staff who heard, “came back buzzing“, apparently, so the idea to get EVERYBODY to see it came in to being. After a lot of “digital ping pong” we managed to organise a date when we would all be free. Only the original member of staff wasn’t there. But, as Holly now works in Beijing, she was forgiven. We are going to be visiting her in 2013, so can take best wishes, from all here, in person. In the meantime, “HELLOS” from everyone here at your old school, Holly.

More to follow, tomorrow, at Kirk Hallam Community Technology and Sports College.

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  1. Amabel Badder says:

    As I big person, I really had a fantasic time today. Thank you

  2. Melanie Lawson says:

    Thank you for coming to Ladywood and helping us all to learn and laugh together.
    Thank you for embracing the ethos of our school and our cluster.
    Thank you for giving us so many ideas and thoughts…. and we still have day 2 to go!!!
    Can’t wait 🙂

  3. Tim says:

    Thank YOU Melanie
    You have a right to feel very proud of your children, and colleagues, as they are a remarkable bunch
    They have a right to feel very proud of you – your humour and warmth has been a delight to encounter
    Thank you
    Tim and Sarah

  4. Aimee Nind says:

    As a person who often has ants in their pants when it comes to sitting for over an hour, you can understand me being a bit dubious about the lesson at Ladywood today. I really shouldn’t have been, because the time went as fast as a cheetah sprinting after it’s prey… Rarrgh, simile 😉
    A child I support in year 3 has never, for as long as I’ve known him, sat for longer than 30 minutes at a time. He was enthralled for the whole 100 minutes, and presented me with his best piece of creative writing yet! (he enjoyed it so much, he ran in for a few peeks of the year2 lesson, and helpfully acted out the part of a giant!)
    I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, as I think there’ll be lots of things for me to take back to my little group of year 3 who sometimes find it difficult to open their minds to the endless creativity I know they possess.
    Thankyou Tim, and I look forward to tomorrow

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback Amabel
    We hope you found something useful today and look forward to finding out how you get on
    Cheers for now
    T & S

  6. Tim says:

    Wow! Thank you Aimee for this gorgeous feedback
    Didn’t he do well eh?
    It is so lovely to hear that you found the session useful
    We, too, are looking forward to tomorrow
    Again, this is so encouraging to hear THANK YOU

  7. Holly Edwards says:

    You are all gorgeous!

    Wow – wonderful photographs of Leading Ladywood Learning at its best. I certainly miss it.

    Well done everyone, you are always up for the challenge. Thank you Tim for getting everyone fired up about the joys of truly imaginary writing!

    Aimee – I think I may know the boys in question and that’s incredible. When I’m back at Christmas I can’t wait to read some examples.

    Mel – such lovely photos. You look as happy as ever! Those children are certainly amazing.

    Proud, proud, very proud! I had a dream…


  8. Tim says:

    Thank you for your comment Holly
    We’re looking forward to the second day now

  9. Daisy Thornley says:

    Our children were truly engrossed by Tim’s lessons and the creative writing as a result was fabulous… Infact all of the staff were enthralled too … who wouldn’t be?! Tim is charismatic and has a very interesting stick!
    But as a busy classroom teacher at the end of a hectic term I found myself thinking Yes, e know we should be using ICT to inspire and support your class’s learning and of course we do! We do regularly for a BIG write or part of our topic perhaps. It’s OK for you Mr Rylands coming into a school to teach an awesome one off lesson but I when will I have the time to find and organise recourses for that everyday?!? As the IT coordinator I am trying to support staff in using ICT on a daily basis to support learning across the curriculum but it seems like an impossible task when you don’t have the funds to purchase fancy dancy ICT resources or the time to find and implement them …. At what about basic literacy and numeracy skills?! grumble grumble grumble… (I was truly ready for half-term!)

    … Well didn’t I feel Silly on the second day?! … It all clicked into place. Tim and Sarah have shared with us bazillions of resources we can easily and freely access. Resources for across the age groups and across the curriculum… Everything they shared with us I could see us using in classrooms. But most importantly Tim made reference to each resource, website and device in context of the real analogue world…. ICT resources to support our everyday teaching and lives…. brilliant.

    So you don’t need a million pound budget… you just need!

    I’ve used loads of your ideas in my nursery class and they make my classroom bubble with creativity!
    Thanks Tim and Sarah!

  10. Tim says:

    Hi there Daisy and thank you for a truly useful and encouraging comment
    Great to hear that you “got it” on day two and that so much has already turned out to be useful
    We loved our visit to Ladywood and would love to keep in touch and find out what you carry on trying out
    Well done and thank you again
    Tim and Sarah

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