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More Magic, Mystery and Mayhem at Belle Vue Primary

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Some more, excellent, writing from Belle Vue Primary. Take a look at their blog for even more imaginative ideas.

Excited but confused, nervous and perplexed, I carefully meandered into Atrus’ study… As soon as I stepped into the dark study I could smell an aroma of bright scented candles drift up my nose.

Strips of sunlight shot though the glass windows like a bullet causing gaps in the shadows. I could hear my foot steps tipper-tapping on the vivid radiant mosaics. Ores shone brightly  in the sombre study as I scanned every detail  of the room.

Around the corner there was Atrus’ cluttered desk covered in his paraphernalia. As silent as an assassin, I cautiously crept closer to the desk. On the table sat pictures of Atrus’ mysterious sons. Despite the darkness, I could just observe an intricately woven tapestry which I think showed the past of Atrus. Curiously, I caught sight of a candle holder. Suddenly, I felt a pain on my hand, the burning hot lamp had burnt my finger.

Shimmering brightly in the sunless study stood a polished glistening glass stand: waiting in that glass stand was the book Releeshahn glaring at me like a tiger on the prowl.  Across the book there was an encrested metal locking mechanism.

Sneakily I surveyed an artistic tapestry. In one picture (In the far distance) there was an isolated castle which had been horribly burnt down! Scanning the whole picture I sighted a man standing on a rigid, serrated rocks , it looked like Atrus!

My eyes focused on the Reelshahn book, but where was the key for it? Only Atrus would know…

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