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Exploratorium ~ Science of Music

| November 5, 2012 | 0 Comments 

The Science of Music collection will keep you experimenting happily for a while, and discovering lots about the theory behind real audio.

These online exhibits, from Exploratorium, will help you mess around with music in ways you probably haven’t before, and learn a lot too.

Kitchen Sink-o-Pation, explores the concepts of visual dominance, hearing sounds out of context, and playing with concrete sounds in an unusual setting.

Produce some mashed up music with Dot Mixer, playing with sound samples from different styles. An interesting investigation of the science of sound itself.

Take the Beat Back, and explore the everyday origins of some extraordinary instruments, or even form your own Online Drum Circle.

Head out in to the open with real and found sounds in the Headlands Experiments, or get even more physical with Step Remix, a fun way to explore rhythm, body percussion, combining beats of contrasting structure, to create complex poly-rhythms & dances!

Headphones are recommended, or at least a decent set of computer speakers.

Enjoy your experiments with some sound science about the science of sound.

Bywell Junior School, Dewsbury, Kirklees~Day 1

| November 5, 2012 | 7 Comments 

Today, we had the pleasure of spending time with colleagues, at Bywell Junior School for their INSET Day. We were joined by staff from Earls Heaton Infant School, Shaw Cross Infant and Nursery, Chickenley Community Primary School and Boothroyd Junior and Infant School. Continue Reading