Bywell Junior School, Dewsbury, Kirklees~Day 2

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With the staff today, in our second day at Bywell Junior School, in West Yorkshire, we were joined by pupils, and visiting pupils and colleagues from the neighbouring schools.

Braving the wind and rain, the infant pupils from Earls Heaton Infant School, Shaw Cross Infant and Nursery and Chickenley Community Primary School,  explored with us the delicious virtual worlds in the Myst series.

We talked about a lot of the teaching styles that need to be maintained, (whatever magical ICT we discover, and involve in our lessons), if a bit of magic, and engagement in a lesson, is to take place.

Analogue principles are as essential as digital tools

Energy, in some ways, is even more valuable than the books, pencils, and technology in our rooms. It’s about ethos, character, style, empathy, affinity and atmosphere. This energy starts (but doesn’t stop) with one individual in every classroom: the teacher.

It is always important, to show the children you are working with, that you are glad to see them, but also show them how happy YOU are to be there, excited by what is going to happen, or could happen, if they join you. How essential it is to greet our pupils as they arrive. Meet them smiling. Smile as much as possible during the session too.

Then, and this is vital: Say farewell to every one of them, as they leave, past you, at the door, perhaps with a handshake. At least, with a smile.

This can build a real positive confidence in a child: “What ever I didn’t get, didn’t understand – what ever I became frustrated with, whatever I lost my patience with – what ever mistakes I made MY TEACHER STILL THINKS I’M ALRIGHT and TOMORROW WILL BE O.K”.

A bubbling passion can make the difference between a mundane, meandering, unfulfilling session, and an incredible, meaningful learning experiences.

The children here at Bywell, and the visiting pupils from Earls Heaton Infant School, Shaw Cross Infant and Nursery and Chickenley Community Primary School, are obviously used to inventive, energetic teaching through their school life. They responded well to all of the challenges we threw at them.

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  1. Louise Horsfall says:

    Thank you for such a great day, I’m feeling very inspired and can’t wait to try some of these fantastic ideas.

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