ICT for Education Magazine Conference, Coventry

| November 9, 2012 | 26 Comments 

Today, we splattered people with a glimpse in to just some possibilities that the digital world offers, to enhance, bubble, and build learning in a short keynote session to close the ICT for Education Magazine Conference, in Coventry.

Fascination is a tool that can be easily neglected. This digital world, when mixed with the analogue, brings such potential for communication.

It such an honour to do what we do. Working alongside all of these schools, across the globe, & up & down the UK, exploring so many ways that fascination, imagination, & invention can be enhanced, with, or without, technology.

And, it was great, today, to meet some truly fascinating folk, like Jodie Collins, with truly fascinating thoughts, suggestions, questions, and ideas, in our conversations about how many, readily available, tools can be built in to the realistic challenges teachers already offer their pupils, across subject areas, abilities and age ranges, with remarkable effects. Jodie presented an excellent session, illustrating how ICT can be embedded in the curriculum, for very little cost! A thoroughly enjoyable day. Thanks all.

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  1. Jeremy Ley says:

    A fun afternoon, lots of resources for my colleagues at school to use. I will need to spread the word.

  2. Lisa Barton says:

    Fantastic, engaging, inspiring dicussion with real practical tips for using ‘ICT’ for learning. Thank you.

  3. Gemma says:

    Thanks Tim for a fantastic seminar. Lots of food for thought and looking forward to trying out some new ideas!

  4. Tim, what a great day. Thank you very much. I’m off to tackle my ‘to do’ list now, which seemed to grow by around about 88 items during your presentation.
    All the best Rachel

  5. Helen Higginson says:

    Thank you. An amazing session – my brain is reeling with new ideas to pass on to my colleagues.

  6. Victoria brown says:

    Thank you for today! It was really good to meet you and your speech was very inspirational.
    Can’t wait to check out all of your web 2 program’s!

  7. Tony Stace says:

    Excellent presentation, still having a giggle

  8. Jean Stace says:

    Excellent presentation and day. Thank you and thank you for the one liners.

  9. Ian Backhouse says:

    Thanks Tim and Sarah; will be in touch regarding interest from Solihull colleagues and will go from there.

  10. Daniel O'Connor says:

    A superb presentation with lots of thought provoking ideas! I will definitely share with colleagues and use some in the classroom! Thank you! 🙂

  11. Peter Paddock says:

    Excellent presentation. Great to see Tim inspiring us to inspire others!

  12. Mark Harris says:

    Thank you for a very interesting and inspiring seminar. Lots of fantastic ideas that I can’t wait to go back to school and share with my colleagues to develop writing.

  13. Dyan Hewett says:

    Thanks Tim. Just what’s needed at the end of a working week – inspiration for the next.

  14. Darren Clews says:

    A great session, lots of ideas.

  15. Catherine says:

    Thanks Tim. A very inspiring seminar with lots of great ideas for use in the classroom! I shall be using some on Monday!

  16. Nikki says:

    Loved your presentation – so inspiring! Can’t wait to try out some new ideas in the classroom. And thanks for helping me to discover the power of Twitter and Blogging

  17. Jon Keevill says:

    Any presentation featuring Doc Brown is fine by me! Thanks for a great, lively presentation!

  18. Remi Gonthier says:

    Thank you for a great session. I particularly liked the sites with lots of visual aids for literacy. Thank you.

  19. Guy Chapman says:

    A great presentation. Always good if you can’t get ideas straight as so many ideas flashing at you as you laugh. Very infectious enthusiasm.

  20. Suzanne Currie says:

    An inspiring day.

  21. Ghufran Ahmed says:

    Highlight of the day! Certainly ‘saved the best till last’!
    Thank you for an inspiring presentation.

  22. Jaclyn Graham says:

    Thank You! A great session with lots of ideas to share back at school!

  23. Tim says:

    Thank you ALL for your thoughtful comments
    We really hope you enjoy what ever you try first
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on
    Tim and Sarah

  24. Rob Darling says:

    Great presentation – really liked all the free online resources you showed us! Thank you.

  25. Koreen Wilson says:

    I enjoyed the presentation and the content on delivery of the presentation will be intriguing to pupils. I am happy to attend and believe that technology does enhance teaching and learning especially with what was presented to us by Tim on the 9th November 2012.

  26. Anna says:

    Thanks for such an inspiring presentation, Tim. The best I’ve been too.
    Can’t wait to explore the resources you have available.

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