Stockbridge Village Primary, Liverpool

| November 12, 2012 | 7 Comments 

We explored great successes, and stretching ourselves further, with the pupils and staff of Stockbridge Village Primary, in Liverpool today.

Some remarkable achievements came from the bravery to throw themselves in to challenges, whether that was colleagues or children. That is the key to movement in learning isn’t it?

“Making mistakes is not the end of the world – they could lead to another step in the right direction”.

We talked with some of the staff about how offering challenges means we also need to register the fact that this could mean a sense of failing from time to time. A maths book, for example, with all ticks, might mean that the tasks were too easy. Making mistakes, and then finding out how to avoid making that mistake regularly, is the core of good learning.

Great to spend some time with a staff, who are open to challenges, and who value that, as a teacher, it is vital to be open about making your own mistakes and laughing gently at them. This exhibits our personal, positive attitude – something some of our students won’t have had modelled around them before.

Thank you to Jill Albertina, Head Teacher of Stockbridge Village Primary, and Hil Moglione, Literacy Co-ordinator and nursery teacher, for organising our action packed day.

Hil came along to the Kirkby collaborative of schools, and was keen “for everybody to experience this”, and enthusiastic to share some of our ideas with the rest of the staff. Her colleagues were delightfully up for it as well.

We started the day with two classes of KS1 children, followed by two classes of Upper KS2 children exploring some analogue responses to digital stimuli, with an afternoon spent with the Y3 and Y4’s – all delicious.

After school, we ended with a fast paced whizz through some of the other “techno tools”, and endless possibilities available out there – exploring the powerful potential of a cross between the analogue and the digital.

Stockbridge Village Primary is part of the Stockbridge Village Redevelopment area, and is a remarkable building. A remarkable building would be nothing though, if it were not for the remarkable people who live within it. Well done Hil, Jill, their colleagues, and the children who made our day a thoroughly enjoyable visit. Thanks all.

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  1. Hil Moglione says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah,
    Thank you so much for a whirlwind, fun packed, whistlestop tour of wonderland. it was a lovely day and I am so glad that all of the staff had the opportunity to see for themselves what Keri and I had raved about when we had been to see you in Kirkby,
    Thanks again for a wonderful day.


  2. Mrs Shaw says:

    Great day…thanks to both Sarah and Tim. I have a busy evening planned exploring all of the wonderful websites suggested and also the ‘Locked Page’.

  3. Tim says:

    Thank YOU Hil
    We enjoyed our day with you all. The children were a credit some great teaching at Stockbridge
    Let us know what you get up to next

  4. Tim says:

    Great to hear Thank you
    Do remember to do analogue things too (like eat and sleep)
    Have fun and PLEASE let us know what you try first

  5. Jill Albertina says:

    Hi Tim & Sarah,
    Thank you for providing such a fun filled and action packed day for staff and children! I think the images of the children & the sheer delight on their faces captures perfectly the magic of great learning and reminds us that good teaching opens up the world of awe and wonder, feeds the imagination and shows us all that anything is possible if only we try!
    Thank you also for the beautiful images of the school – they showcase the hard work and talent of staff and children and illustrate perfectly that SVP really is a community of ‘special, valuable people’
    I have no doubt that the legacy of your day will be to have inspired, developed and enhanced great teaching and learning at our school and had a most positive impact on the achievements of our pupils.
    Thanks again!

  6. Keri Price says:

    Loved it, loved it, loved it yet again. Absolutely so inspirational, thank you once again for such a great experience.

  7. Tim says:

    Thank you Keri
    We’d love to hear more about what you get up to
    Enjoy, and, … keep in touch

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