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A ha! I get it now!

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Our children were truly engrossed by Tim’s lessons and the creative writing as a result was fabulous… Infact all of the staff were enthralled too … who wouldn’t be?! Tim is charismatic and has a very interesting stick!

But as a busy classroom teacher at the end of a hectic term I found myself thinking Yes, we know we should be using ICT to inspire and support your class’s learning and of course we do! We do regularly for a BIG write or part of our topic perhaps. It’s OK for you Mr Rylands coming into a school to teach an awesome one off lesson but I when will I have the time to find and organise resources for that everyday?!?

As the IT coordinator I am trying to support staff in using ICT on a daily basis to support learning across the curriculum but it seems like an impossible task when you don’t have the funds to purchase fancy dancy ICT resources or the time to find and implement them …. At what about basic literacy and numeracy skills?! grumble grumble grumble… (I was truly ready for half-term!)

Well didn’t I feel Silly on the second day?! … It all clicked into place.

Tim and Sarah have shared with us bazillions of resources we can easily and freely access. Resources for across the age groups and across the curriculum… Everything they shared with us I could see us using in classrooms.

But most importantly Tim made reference to each resource, website and device in context of the real analogue world…. ICT resources to support our everyday teaching and lives…. brilliant.

So you don’t need a million pound budget… you just need!

I’ve used loads of your ideas in my nursery class and they make my classroom bubble with creativity!

Thanks Tim and Sarah!

Sketch’s World

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Explore Sketch’s World as many times as you like. Younger children will enjoy revising their multiplication facts and a fun challenge!

Help Sketch make his way through the neighborhood, collecting pencils but… beware of the sliding erasers!  (Jump on top of the erasers and they will disappear).

Also, don’t forget your paint palette before you exit through the door otherwise you will have to jump through the obstacles for a while longer.  This free game will help erase your multiplication worries.

Hope University, Liverpool – Day 1

| November 14, 2012 | 12 Comments 

Special to be here at Liverpool Hope University, for a day of lessons (and training) with Year 2 pupils from St Austin’s Catholic School and 4th Year student teachers. Continue Reading